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located in Brisbane, a part of All Roads: The Journey, one of the many universes on RPG.


The starting location in The Journey.


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Khan stopped before Ari, with the researcher down on the odd structure below, a mash of cars, small boats and wood platforms. She was obviously angry, maybe scared of him, which considering his attire was completely reasonable. Ari simply stood there, not baring his way but challenging him to do something hasty. Khan, slightly out of breath from trying to catch up, simply shouted "Ma'am! You're a researcher right?" (He quickly regretted using the overly formal 'Ma'am', but it had a slight effect of cooling her anger - He didn't speak like a tribesman or a thief).

"Yes I am, and would yer please leave me alone!"
Ari altered his face gesture a little, saying 'You should do it', but made no comment.
"I'm interested in the latest developments. That's why people call me a guide. If it's beneficial to the human race, I'm interested." before appending "Don't worry, I'll pay you for the info if you want." Is stuttered slightly at the 'want' upon realizing Annika had his bargaining chip of genuine pre-ignition Vodka.

Adelaide was obviously late for something, otherwise she wouldn't have given up so easily. "F'Fine! Just...leave me alone when we're done! And don't try anything, I can fight for myself!" Ari smirked a little, finding it a little amusing. Luckily for him, he was facing Khan and Adelaide couldn't see. Ari stepped aside and they began to walk down to the docks.


Annika took a swig of the Vodka to the jealousy of her friends, but in doing so she eyed Moonie 'sneaking' out the door. You could tell she was trying to be hidden by the fact she was going into the stereotypical 'I'm not going to make a sound' pose, yet the light from the sun made her shine out. Was she going after Ari? Most likely, but if that man was interested in the researcher...? This could be at the very least amusing, and if Moonie was involved it would be downright hilarious. Annika made an excuse to he friends, some of them giving audible disappointment at not getting the flame, and decided to follow Moonie, with her sneaking being infinitesimally more effective.

Moonie gave an attempt to hide in the shadows, choosing the smallest and least effective shadows where the sun reflected off her hair, almost blinding Annika at times from her vantage point. Annika spotted Ari and the man as soon as they reached the intersection, Moonie obviously didn't. First she headed towards the Art gallery, before turning round (Nearly spotting Annika in the process) and headed back to the Hotel. She turned round again, went to the intersection and spent a good minute or two locating Ari, before deciding to sneak up to them via Stanley Street, regardless of how easy it was to do down the main street. When they finally got to the bridge, Ari, the Researcher and the guide were already getting onto a boat. Annika could already tell that Moonie was going to try and find a 'stealth' boat or swim or something, but wouldn't intervene until it was dangerous or worse, that Moonie would become MORE intelligent from being hit on the head. Annika silently giggled at her joke, before continuing to watch Moonie in her quest of ultimate stealth. Oddly enough, they hadn't been detected regardless, though it was beginning to get painfully hot.