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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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*The Nexus*
The impossibly insane Gilgamesh had let his guard down for just a moment too long, and Garbiel had taken full advantage of this coincidental slip of the mind. He had dropped his left shoulder so as to bowl into the much smaller statured man, and just as the aristocrat tried to send his blade up towards the smith Garbiel’s strong hands lifted up his head and smashed the back of his skull into the ground, and in the meanwhile his feet and legs began searching for a better position with which to ground himself. Alas vengeance was not for him to reap on this ominous day as the Princess rushed forth to bleed the former Prime Minister of his precious life force. An incredulous look blossomed across his face as the realization of his immediate doom came to him…

Despite the death of their retainer the insurgents who remained refused to give up their cause just yet, and several began fighting that much more fervently at the thought their impending failure. Two of these men in particular seemed rather upset with the Smith and Princess at their part in the death of their lord, and they seemed intent on doing to same unto them. The woman of the pair made an attempt to slice the Princess in two as the latter was rushing towards Lord Taylor on the other side of the room, but the young girl’s quick reflexes prevailed as the assailant lost her ability to parry with the cumbersome weapon.

Unfortunately Garbiel was not so lucky as to have any weapons nearby to come in handy, and it seemed he must resort to using his good friend the chair once again, not the same one mind you since this particular chair seemed to be made of oak, but a chair none the less. The soldier in question made a slash at the Smith’s head, taking off a leg of the chair as Garbiel parried the cut, but his sword was caught in the meat of the chair. Wrenching the weapon out of the man’s hand Garbiel used the momentum, bringing the chair back up and around in a wide arc, to smash down upon his enemy’s skull as a cracking sound signaled the man’s demise as well as his body’s collapse to the floor.

Explosions from outside the court’s walls began resounding throughout the interior of the room, echoing loudly off the enormous structure itself until a virtual cacophony began sounding off. Garbiel had been surrounded by several of the rebels who had been kept at a distance thanks to the furious whirlwind of chair attacks thrown by the aging man, but something happened that was altogether unexpected by the man. A tremor and subsequent shaking of the building had jarred the Smith’s sense, forcing him to pause for just a hair’s-breadth of a second, but that was all that was needed by the experienced fighters.

The first blade to sink into Garbiel’s softer midsection came from behind and slightly to his right side, and before the blade could even be withdrawn two others had made their home into his gut. As they were drawn out his hot blood began spilling out of the fresh wounds as the chair fell from the Smith’s powerful hands. While slowly falling down in a cascade of reddened cloth the blades kept entering and exiting his body, opening up more avenues for which his life force escape.

The sounds of shouting and screaming grew distant as a circle began to form around Garbiel’s vision. This darkness slowly began creeping into his sight, slowly covering the brutal image before his eyes until nothing remained. One final rattle of breath escaped through tense lips, the sound itself gurgling through the blood that had filled the void of his mouth… A man had lived and a man had died, no different from the countless other souls whom he would join on his next journey…

*District Gamma*
When Danterus rushed forward to engage this next opponent a warm, tingling feeling began to creep throughout the gash in his side, or where that wound had once been you could say. In a very short time the gaping wound itself covered itself over, yet the interior was still badly damaged, but the only way he could tell this was by the deep throbbing sensation that still permeated through the good-feeling one.

As the burly young man came within distance of his target he sent the rapier slashing from right to left with all the force he could muster, but the other woman was much too experienced to let this foolish gambit prevail over expertise. She hopped nimbly backwards a step and brought her own broadsword upwards towards Danterus’ exposed side, hoping to catch and kill him easily. The young Smith fumbled over sideways in a desperate attempt to avoid the blade’s razor-sharp and glistening edge which came slashing towards him quickly.

After Danterus hit the ground he kicked his powerful legs at his opponent’s ankles, luckily catching her off-guard with the rather unsuspected motion and sweeping her off her feet and to the ground. Her own head smacked against the ground with a loud crack, but as she did a deafening explosion tore the land around them asunder. Body parts flew across the open sky as the earth beneath the combatant’s feet burst into the air, causing a cascade of concrete, dirt, and bodies to rain upon the survivors.

It had been the mere two feet of distance that had saved Danterus from and immediate end, but it did not shield him from everything else. He had been tossed up into the air like a rag-doll a good ten feet high as the trajectory of his flight sent him spiraling off to land some twenty feet back. As he rolled over thrice, his limbs contorting in very painful and unnatural ways, the only sound he could hear was that of a ringing bell...

He was sure there was much screaming and moaning, but nothing could penetrate this sound. Picking up his heavy head Danterus gazed upon his bloody and broken figure, but despite the obvious wounds he could feel no pain. Maybe this was what the doctor’s referred to as shock? He wouldn’t know because this phenomenon had never occurred to him before.

The visage of Pandora walked across his darkening field of vision, her lips were moving but the words were lost on him. She seemed weakened by the ordeal she had just been put through the poor girl… He could still not figure out why she was here, so out of place, she was a gentle person really… She deserved better than to go through such pain and heartache as this… As the darkness descended upon Danterus he could not help but think how normal mages were as well…they seemed to love and care like the rest of us…were they really any different… maybe they were better than everyone else? These thoughts whirled around through the Smith’s mind as he fainted from the mere effort of thinking.