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located in deep space, a part of Dead Drift, one of the many universes on RPG.

deep space



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Zane Riddle

People were getting impatient and coming to him despite his obvious attempt to take even a little time to himself. At least he had time to finish his cigarette before he was followed by others. Of course being followed didn't bother him that much but he would have been lying if he said he didn't want some time to himself after all of this, though he knew that time to himself or even down time in general would not be a very common thing in this situation if he ever really got any. He looked to Briarios, he just looked at him and walked back over to the room where most of them were and looked into the door, "Let's get a move on... I think I have kept us here long enough... Now keep close and keep moving, we have to get moving or we will never reach the control room" he said knowing his selfish need for a smoke had held them up a bit. He then turned around and walked away back down the hallway. When he got to the end of the hallway their were two doors, one leading relatively north but it was blocked by a bulkhead while the door that continued to lead down, or to the south, was wide open. He walked through the doorway figuring that people would catch up. He took a quick look around the room, a single body in the corner and from what he could tell it had not been the creatures... The woman looked like she had killed herself, "Poor people..." he muttered to himself but not stopping, there were only so many times they could stop in a room, they had to keep moving towards the control room so they could figure out just how the hell they were going to get through this, if they even could.

Zane walked right through the room, slowing his pace a bit to let people keep up with him but at the same time he wanted to stay a little ahead of most of them, just in case another fight broke out, having 'civilians' right next to him would not be a good thing, of course he knew they could be as much of a help as a liability depending on the situation. So he moved through this room as well, exiting a door to the West and into a room with yet another door to the West but he didn't get a chance to look around before he heard some kind of movement. He stopped dead in his tracks and just looked at the exit to the room, where they all had to go, and where he was hearing the noise from. He slowly moved through the room, getting low and having the pocket knife gripped tightly in his hand. He looked back in case anybody had kept that close to him, sure at least one had seeing as he had told people to stay close, and put his hand up to tell them to stay back, of course some were probably looking around the rooms for stuff . When he reached the doorway he couldn't see anything immediately but peeked around to see the source of the noise he had heard and it wasn't a creature, it was almost worse that than, it was a man, hanging from the ceiling by a noose of sorts and he was swinging around and he had hit the wall. That wasn't good though, he didn't look like he had just hung himself so something had been in this room mere seconds ago or at least not too long ago. Zane looked around carefully, his eyes scanning every little nook and cranny of the room in search of the creature or whatever it was that had bumped into the man hanging by his neck. He couldn't see anything which meant it had moved on or was lying in wait, either way it was not good, it made him nervous to know something had been there but not seeing it. Of course he could have been being paranoid as well but he had to be on alert. He didn't know what to tell the others, be on guard? Should he even worry them when he wasn't able to find the creature? No... He turned back to the man hanging and took particular notice of the device used to hand him... It didn't look like a usual device one would use for suicide... Looked more like an trap... Unsettling to say the least. He returned to the doorway and motioned for people to come on that it was 'safe' to move on.