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located in Dallas, TX, a part of From Spiraling to Swooning..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Dallas, TX



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Christopher sat in his bedroom on a Thursday night browsing through the Craigslist Job postings. He would need something to make some money for the summer and although he didn't really want to get a job, he needed to. He read through the postings, "Part Time Waiter" and "Part Time Dishwasher". He kept reading, "Interns needed." None of these jobs even remotely peaked his interest, the thought of spending an entire summer in a Kitchen was not exciting to him. He continued to read, hoping he'd find something when he read across the Subject line of an ad, "$500 to the boy who can tame my gorgeous daughter!" He laughed a little bit but clicked onto the ad and opened it.

He skimmed over the ad which was a mother, asking for help with her daughter who was out of control with partying, drinking and even some drugs. He figured, "How hard could it be? Get the girl to fall for you and then make her stop. Even if it doesn't work.. I make $50." He replied to the ad and figured it was just someone joking around and he'd never heard back.

He heard back almost instantly from the girls mother. Her name was Jessica and she attached a picture. The girl really was gorgeous. He talked with her mother for an hour or two about her daughters interests and about how he'd get paid etc. They devised a plan that he would go into her work while she was there the following day and hit on her daughter to try and get the process started. That night he went to bed, stoked he would be making an easy $500.


The next morning he woke up and went to school, excited the entire day about meeting Jessica that afternoon. He would go in, order coffee, sweet talk her a little bit and hopefully get her to go out on a date with him. That was phase one. When school ended he got into his car and sped over to the coffee shop. He took one of his books with him so he could do some homework and went inside. He immediately spotted her due to her bright red hair and sexy eyes. There was no going back now.

He walked up to the counter and waited to order a drink. When he got up to the counter he ordered a cappuccino and started to talk her up, asking her about her day. Though she responded it didn't seem like it was going anywhere promising. Before he went to settle into a booth and do some studying he wrote his number down, "I'd love to talk to you more.. why don't you call me sometime?" He offered sliding his number across the counter to her. "I'm Christopher."