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located in Dallas, TX, a part of From Spiraling to Swooning..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Dallas, TX



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Jessica woke up with a splitting headache that party last night was crazy. All she really remebered was doing body shots and making out with some guy. She laughed at the thought of how easy men we're to get if you had the right appearance. She saw the time and groaned she had to work. And she was not happy about that. She got dressed in a pair of black pants and a pink tank top, she put on her neon green DC hightops and did her make-up pink eye shadow, black eye-liner, and of course face powder, and a lip gloss. She headed for the steps but before she went up she grabbed her Vodka and took a sip she shook her head at the taste "Feeling better already." she said.

She went into the kitchen for a quick snack when her mom came in "Oh Jessica good your up, I was a just wondering why you came in six in the morning." her mom said a bit of nervousness and concern in her voice.

Jessica scoffed "Because I went to a party and got wasted." her mother looked stunned but it was soon gone and she left the room. Really? What did she think she was doing all night? Playing with Barbies? Yeah like that'll ever happen again. she grabbed a aspirin and took a sip of water so it would go down. She grabbed her keys and to her beat up Chevy truck.

When she was at work it was boring as usual and she had to put a fake smile on her face. She got done serving a old cranky lady before the old lady left Jessica said under her breath "What crawled up your ass and didn't die?" the old lady spun on her but Jessica ignored her glare. Then a cute boy came and how her days was. What a loser. Who askeds about someones day? she thought to herself. Jessica was taken back when he gave her his number she smiled "Christopher, i'm Jessica and I don't want your number." she said in a kind sarcastic tone while sliding the number back "Sorry." she said before turning around for another order.