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located in Dallas, TX, a part of From Spiraling to Swooning..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Dallas, TX



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Christopher was a little taken aback, he was used to girls swooning over him and gladly taking his number but he bounced back quickly from it. "Well I will leave it either way. I want you to have it." He offered sliding it back across and walking away with his coffee. He walked across the shop and sat in a booth. He very cockily opened his book and sat there, reading. He didn't care if Jessica took his number or not, either way he'd make $50, but now that he'd seen her he did think she was gorgeous. He definitely would mind going out with her a few times.

He caught himself glancing over a time or two to see if she was looking over at him, but each time he wasn't. He started to feel that $500 quickly slip out of his hands and started to feel a little let down, so he took matters into his own hands. He closed his books and walked back up to the counter, "Excuse me, Jessica... I will give you $20 to go out on a date with me." He said leaning over and giving her his best look to convince her into a date. "Just one date.. you make $20." He said.