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located in Death City, a part of Soul Eater: Death's List, one of the many universes on RPG.

Death City

The Location Of the Emblem Of Death


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Hadrian looked to Alphonse and shook his head, "One more thing remains. Jvala, bestow him his gift." Jvala bowed to his master and steadily placed a hand over Alphonse's mouth, and pulled back. With the motion, Jvala would be pulling a white mass from the air over Alphonse's mouth that would solidify as it left Jvala's hand. Drawing about a foot away from Alphonse's mouth, Jvala would begin to close his hand, making a hook at the end to form a sharp hooked beak that latched onto Alphonse's face forming two leather belts that would already be adjusted to best fit. As the mask drew to it's new owner, Alphonse would feel a rush through his body forcing him to release his wing form, causing them to grow feathers and contort to a more birdlike shape. As the transformation took place, the beak mask would begin to blaze with identical symbols of warpaint that covered the Twins' masks.

Hadrian looked back and smiled, "Now stand, Raven of the Wargod. All of you stand before me now no longer members of your past factions. You are now set with one objective, to eliminate the tyrannies constructed by Death and the Kishin. You are to infiltrate and recruit members to the cause. There is one more role to be given and it is one of the most crucial: The Fold. This role is one that cannot be given to one being, it is a joined status in which our army shall share. Your mission is to move about your past factions, observe everything you can, weaknesses, strengths, potential recruits. The most important aspect of this mission is stealth, only recruits that have taken my allegiance will know of our movements, anyone else knowing could prove fatal for you as individuals. You will all notice you have a mask of some sort and a title. Each title and mask grants different abilities: The Hounds are granted increased physical atributes given they are the primary enforcement for the forces, they will be training new recruits once our forces are significant in size. The Shepherd is granted the ability of touch communication, Anyone you touch will see your message, your warning, your very thoughts if you choose, use the gift wisely. And Finaly the Raven is gifted with the ability of purification. Like the ravens that follow war, they take on the duty of feeding on the dead, turning corruption into something useful. I must warn you, at each level there is a cost that must be paid for the use of the abilities while you are in the field. Hounds, with your increased physical attributes you will suffer intense fatigue and weakness given the stress on your bodies. Shepherd, with your gift of projection, a powerful mind like Death or the Kishin will be able to resist and even reflect your ability if used on them. And Raven, like your animal familiar, to convert and purify you will be forced to take the corruption inward, converting it in your own body. None of these costs are fatal, but they can alter the course of your plans if they are used foolishly. Think on your weaknesses and plan accordingly."

The Wargod moved before each of them, giving a kind smile, "You four are now allies, you no longer march under different banners, you are united as one force against the true threat to the world. With that I will seal your abilities to a weakened state, to be released through a calling I will now grant you," As he spoke, he would kneel before the twins, placing a hand on their masked foreheads, "Release our collars," Then moving to Eden, placing his hand on her hooded head "Grant me my crook," and finaly to Alphonse placing his hand on his forehead "Unbind my tallons." With that the Wargod moved to his throne, sitting slowly with a determined look to his new forces, "You now have your assignments, I can be contacted through your masks if you wish to report to me. Go with my blessings, For the honour of the world and the right to victory." With that, Hadrian waved a massive hand and the four would be wrapped in darkness, pulled to the entrance where the doors slammed shut behind them.