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located in Realistic, United Kingdom, a part of West Valley Rehabilitation Centre, one of the many universes on RPG.

Realistic, United Kingdom



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Ali smiled as Jenny remarked that he was here untill his time was up, it sounded more like a prison sentence that a place to get help from. But that was the thing he didn't need help at all he was fine. He looked around the room that he was given and sat down on the bed watching as she sat down and explained the room then made a comment about his problem. It was quite warm in the room and with the ammount of layers Ali had on it seemed warmer. "Well you can tell all the other doctors and whatever people who do your job that i don't need to eat all those distusting fatty filled junk in that fridge, i have no problem, so what if i'm skinny, it's not a problem i'm still here arn't i? i'm not going to break every bone in my body if i fall down stairs am i? No" Ali explained as he leaned against the wall crossing his legs and looking at his shoes. He wouldn't stay long it shouldn't have taken that long to bring his weight up a bit more like another stone or a couple of pounds.

He sighed deeply and looked at Jenny before he spoke again "I'm sorry i get a bit touchy if people just remark that i have a problem, i don't see it as a problem"