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Laryn tsked as he looked back down at his communicator. It was unlike the REAP team not to respond for so long. Laryn continued to sip his drink thoughtfully. They had found a cafe nearby the center of the business district, and he had decided to set up base there for now. Since they did not have a safe house yet, there was nowhere really to go. He leaned back slightly as he let his gaze linger on one businesswoman looking human buying coffee from a nearby stand as he leaned back against the wooden bench he sat on.

The woman shifted the corner of her eyes to Laryn as she scooped up her coffee and hustled away from him. Not that he could really blame her. He would kind of look suspicious sitting in this park, because after all, it was near the center of the major businesses in this section of Endro. Laryn let his gaze wander around as he watched businessmen and women flooding the park. As they flooded the stands selling coffee and quick lunches, so people could get back to their positions in their offices. After all, they didn't want to lose time to their Navi counterparts who had the added benefits of not needing to eat.

He looked out of the corner of his eye as a man sat down next to him. Opening his photon-pad, scanning his mail and whatnot. Laryn looked over his shoulder as the man became engrossed in his news.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Damnit he hated waiting. They needed to find HF here. But how? They wouldn't exactly be listed as a business. They may operate out of the back door of a business, but to uncover that normally... they would need way too much time. And they didn't even have Tei here, who would speed up the process. They couldn't attack this by conventional means. They had to make some... unconventional move that would force HF to move, or they had to get lucky. They had to get the information first, or be able to predict the reaction.

He could get in touch with a contact on Endro here if necessary as well... But that would take more time than he would like. This investigation had to be fast. HF wasn't stupid. If Voltome was a fall guy or a legit connection, then they would know somebody was snooping. They would become more aware of probes and more likely to react. They ad to take this out in a decisive stroke. But bloody how? It was god damn impossible with the situation right now... They had to have somewhere they could get information from.

He nearly laughed out loud as he stood up from his seat, walking to the exit of the park. There was one sure place he could go. One place that was here that he knew would have no corruption from HF and would never tip them off. He deposited the last of his trash into a dump as he quickened his pace out of the park.

REAP themselves. REAP would not have connections to HF, Jack would never stand for it. And they may well have a cache of information about HF as well, especially on their home planet. He had thought of this earlier, but he had been hesitant. Why would REAP trust him? Now the answer seemed simple. If they don't let you in, break in. REAP would be a digital fortress, but it may not be impossible. But that would definitely be a last resort. Jack had been gone for a long time. And if he could get on the damned communicator with S-9 then he could get conformation about the REAP building.

It was a longshot, but it was the most discreet route they had. He booted up his communicator.

"Ko. Aim. Call in. Come back to west exit. No point in running any more surveilance. If we were detected coming here, they must have lost us. You would have seen them by now. Come on back."

There was a moment of silence and ten he heard a reply from Kofleur "What are you up to Laryn? I can tell when you are getting excited."

"Damn her" he smiled under his breath off of the communicator. She could always read him too well. She had been around him the longest though, guess it was natural for someone who worked like them. "He smiled as he parted the crowd of business suits rushing back to their offices. "We're heading to REAP"