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Sacura nodded to A. She decided to do both of the things he had suggested, however. No reason one should interfere with the other. She took off running to catch up with Tei and S-9, quickly pulling out her communicator. "Hyuga!" she yelled into the thing, "We have a situation developing on Earth. Senator Voltome is dead, and we really don't know much of who did or why or even most of the how. Do you have anything that you know but aren't telling?"

Hyuga responded after a moment. "I don't have anything on this. I would assume it is the work of HF, but it could be the work of a political rival or some other organization that has it in him. I will begin searching for anything relevant. I will call back if we find something."

After that blunt dismissal, Sacura shoved her comm back in her bags and took off at top speed. She could see the man they were chasing getting progressively closer. Suddenly, in an abandond area, he turned around to face them. Sacura's hackles instantly rose and the figure said, "Well well, it has been a long time, princess. Two years, in fact." She snarled, looking at the traitor to the imperial family. "Kain..."


Gabe blinked at her recollection. Huh. Well then. She was good and fried. He could only hope it wasn't permanent. Then again, maybe it was better if it was, considering what Gabe had done to that base... He looked down at her momentarily before responding, "If that is all you can remember, that is fine. Somehow though, I don't think that your mother had a beard. And Gabriel Daniels... Interesting. I am also a Gabriel. That is... rather ironic. Now, we have to get off this planet. Can you trust me?"