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Teisha began taking an extraordinary interest in the hanging tapestries in the Castello as soon as Voltome began talking. Stupid politician. HE would lie to their face if he thought it would benefit himself. In her more cynical days, she thought all humans were like that. Ironically, the idea that broke her from that train of thoughts was the abrupt realization that sometimes Beasts could be just as bad. But that, that was past. She was over that, she figured.

Continuing to ignore anything that was really important, began scanning down the grandiose tapestry that hung to her side. It was a battle, when, she didn't know. But it was all humans, which put it before the experiments with Doctor Nam. It looked to be chronicling one of the first battles that had photon weapons. On one side, men wielding large re-enforced shields charged with photon handheld weapons against a fleeing battalion of men armed with primitive rifles, that used explosions to carry their cartridges. And later down the tapestry, the men with the new photon weapons reached the other primitive soldiers, leaving the battlefield covered in blood, and that is how the tapestry ended, in a sea of crimson.

Then a sound rang through the room. Teisha's eys darted around. Cura was up, A was up, S-9 was up.

Voltome was down.

Their informant had been shot. This would cause a scandal! Was HF that insane, or had Silver really pushed then that far!? It really didn't matter at this point. They were in danger. A barked out to have the three of them chase the shooter. Tei hesitated a second before bolting after Cura and S-9, who gave them directions to where the shooter should be. A should be alright, she thought to herself as they began to run. It would go against common intuition and against common practice for the sniper to stay there after taking a shot into a room with witnesses. A wouldn't be in danger. And he wouldn't want to waste a shot on an android either, which, as far as he knew, could be rebuilt.

Tei bolted around the hallways of the Castello, really chasing Cura more than the shadow that they were chasing right now. Cura was certainly not slowing down any to wait for them. But Tei couldn't really blame her for that. Their lead had just been shot, and their only new one was running away. They couldn't afford to leave here empty-handed. suddenly Cura jerked to a halt, and Tei skidded to a halt beside her. The man they had been chasing now stood in front of them, a million things running through her head. Not the least of which screamed...


This could be a trap easily. Or this man could be overconfident. He could have an escape route from here. Maybe this was his planned exfil, after shooting Voltome, regardless whether they were there or not.

The man hissed a few words to Cura and Tei watched her friend's face tighten in anger as she muttered one word back. "Kain..."

Kain? Teisha had never met this man, nor heard Cura talk about him. But any idiot reading the mood could tell they were NOT on good terms. And he had called her "Princess". So this man knew her in those days?

Who was this man? And why did he give of such a dangerous presence, Teisha thought. She flexed her fingers slightly, getting ready to bare her claws at any moment.


Laryn met up with Kofleur and Amy at the exit of the park which they had based themselves at, and he began walking wordlessly. REAP HQ wasn't that far away, so they really shouldn't be discussing this in either an open space or anywhere nearby. It was too much for a paranoid planner to take. And while Laryn wasn't a paranoid planner, he knew that paranoid was one of the better traits that a mastermind could have at times. They had to get to a safe spot. Somewhere nearby that would seclude them at least somewhat. A bar wouldn't work. And they were in the business district. There wouldn't be any houses or hotels around here.

So where could they get somewhere that would be completely private?

Laryn smiled to himself thinking of the perfect place, and he glanced back to his companions, assessing the viability of his idea. Satisfied he led them off away from REAP headquarters.

Really, getting away from REAP HQ wasn't the idea here. He just wanted to get into less of the massive HQ part of the downtown. Which shouldn't be that long of a walk. With any luck, he would find the business he wanted very quickly. But he didn't have high hopes for that, as they weren't exactly extremely common.

He walked around a bit more in the, shock of all shocks, part of downtown that MOST people their age would be in. Trying to look the part of just an ordinary kid in the shooping district Laryn looked around and finally led the two girls into what he had been looking for.


It was the only place which multiple people routinely got soundproof rooms... other than certain other hotels. But there was no way in hell that would be a better idea than this. He walked up to the counter, giving the girl behind the counter a smile and proceeded to but the room for a half of an hour. Which should give them enough time to get a basic plan down or get and copy the shit ton of codes that S-9 or A would need to give them to prove clearance.

So, with the room secure, he led the girls in and closed them off.

"Oh, Laryn. I don't know. I can never sing that well. I'm sorry, I lied when I always bragged about my singing voice!" Kofleur said before he could even open his mouth. Laryn glared at her, knowing that she didn't really mean it. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought we would come here to test my theory that your voice could break glass, and we could use that as a point of entry into REAP HQ." he retorted dryly.

He then continued. "Alright. We have a half of an hour. First, let's try contacting A and S-9 and see..." At that moment traffic came over the comms. Senator Voltome was dead. Laryn stood there for a second, assessing the consequences of this and the possible motivations for killing the Senator. They really didn't know enough at this time, but it was certainly a piece to file away at this time.

After the brief hesitation processing this, Laryn continued, "... see if they have the time to give us codes to prove clearance to access their full databases. This way, we could guarantee getting information out of this trip on HF. Ko, honors?" he asked at the end.

Kofleur nodded and activated her comm. "Who is monitoring the body? If S-9 or A we need to ask for clearance codes for REAP HQ. Figure they will have information on the whereabouts of HF and their activities, over."