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AUGER watched as Voltome was lifted from his uncomfortable looking position on the floor and placed on a levitating stretcher for transportation. A police station was just down the road (and, apparently, alerted ahead of time that something may happen at the Castello), so a coroner and some detectives were able to arrive quite swiftly to clean up the mess as soon as they finished taking holographic scans and getting information from the witnesses. Local journalists were already clamoring around the ground floor of the Castello, attempting to harvest what info they could. He was going to go under temporary custody of the investigators until federal agents of the Empire showed up. He would have to work with them to clear all traces of guilt from Silverose and REAP. But until they arrived he would just be here, waiting.

He was quick to respond to Laryn's request. "I'm on it," he said through his internal communicator. "I'm sending you a mass file of security codes for the doors inside the main building. It's a lot, though, and the information will expire in half an hour so you better copy it down. I'm also remotely programming your communicators to function as temporary guest passes to the headquarters. Those will let you into any room on the first floor of the building, and you'll have an excuse if you run into any employees. That's what I can grant to anyone. The stuff after is where it gets tricky."

"You'll need to go to the central conference room on the third floor. It should be empty for the rest of the day. My secretary Sasha will be waiting there for you. She can be trusted. She'll tell you everything you need to do after that; the rest is too confidential to discuss over communicator. Any questions?"

Sentinel would've spit if he could. Kain's name was one he had hated for two years, and while he did not admit it, he was the reason S-9 had become a mercenary. He'd hoped to meet him in his travels and put an end to him. But now more important matters were at hand. "Well well, what have we here? The traitor to both duty and blood doing his best to soil whatever goodness he has left to his name? Give me one good reason I shouldn't burn a hole through your skull right now."

Sentinel meant it, too. There was nothing he hated more than a traitor, especially when it put everything he was built for at stake. It took every ounce of self-control in his Navi brain to stop himself from firing his pistol. Still, he was interested to hear what Kain had to say. Would it be a taunt? A plea for mercy? Or perhaps this was all a trap, and something horrible was about to happen. No matter. He had to protect the princess, even if it meant preventing himself from doing the decent thing by putting down this wretched dog where he stood.