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located in Milky Way, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Teisha watched as the figure in front of the pair impossibly vanished. VANISHED!? A hologram cannot make a shot, could there have been a switch somewhere? How?

Well, it wasn't the worst thought that had gone through her mind. There was no ambush and there was no imminent threat to them now, although this meeting had apparently ratted Cura. She was bristling now, and Tei was worried about this. They were still on Earth, so caution would be advised. So Teisha swallowed her questions about Kain, and instead put her hand on Cura's shoulder. "Come on Cura." She said softly, "Let's rendezvous with S-9 for now. It doesn't look like there is anything more we can do here."


Laryn raised his eyebrows at the hopeful Amy. "So what is our plan right now? Wing it? Because we can't rely on the Lynx strategy for now, it seems too noisy. But it could be a backup." Laryn sat down and began browsing the information A sent to him. Well, obviously I can learn just about shit all from this info. So we have no choice here. And yeah, unless we can swipe a pass from someone, or get access to the main desk to get some other passes, we will be screwed on the other floors. So we should probably make a round of the first floor, where we have access before attempting to head on up. Who knows, we may find something promising to create a distraction or whatnot."

Laryn shut up then, still looking intently at the data A had sent him. Soon, he was satisfied and sighed as he shut it off. He glanced at his clock and sighed. "We still have some time, do what you want with it in here. Just don't make my eardrums bleed"