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located in Acarthu, a part of Acarthu, one of the many universes on RPG.


The town center


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Character Portrait: Xavior Character Portrait: Zephyr Character Portrait: Annabelle Character Portrait: Nimble
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Annabelle gracefully glided over to the table, taking her seat next to Zephyr and watched Nimble move through the kitchen slowly looking for another cup for tea. When he returned he poured her a cup as well before shaking his head. Of course he did not mind the young woman taking up their time. He loved having both of them over, and the conversations were always interesting.

Annabelle thanked the man and then sighed. "Xavier hasn't eaten..." she stated solemnly. "If he is a were then that maybe dangerous for everyone for his hunger to get out of control. I noticed when he entered town that he had not stopped anywhere for food, and he went straight to bed when he got to the hotel. I have a feeling he might be a problem here soon, and we don't have anything of his type of animal to keep his beast under control if he does shift." She told him, giving him all the details. She even told him what the mayor was planning on having him and the fox do in the forest in a couple of days. "Only if you can manage to be nice to him, that is."