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located in Ferelden, a part of Dragon age Reborn, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Beldur awoke groggily. it felt like he had been asleep for hours he groaned and attempted to rub his head but... "my hand? its stuck?" he thought he opened his eyes as fast as he could which still took some time and he saw his hand chained up. he looked around the room nearly closing his eyes again at the light he saw, his eyes now adjuested to the light what he saw nearly made him sick and even a little scared.

he was in a giant cavern with massive brightly glowing blue veins running up the wall. it was lyrium a crystal that can make any magical spell a hundred or even a thousand times more powerful. darkspawn were lining the walls some were talking others wernt. they were walking down some stairs to sit by two large troughs. this led beldur to look at himself. he was pretty much naked and chained to a giant stone slap, his feet chained together the darkspawn mage he fought with smiled and floated towards him

"you didnt get possesed after that? im impressed. even more so than when i saw you end the blight i had caused. i thank you for that. ending what i started it allowed me to think. we were souless beings once. and as such i thought if we all had souls then the blights would end. and so i began making my own troops. like your wardens. we needed the blood of the arch demon, we also needed warden blood. like you, you drank our corruption and survvied. we drank your purity and were forever changed"

beldur growled his eyes darting, he saw the edge of the vein by his hand. if he could only reach it. he struggled invain which caused the darkspawn to laugh "i know of you beldur, so strong and ever fighting. i am simply known as....the architect. your woman will be here soon. lets show what we intend to do" he looked around for vin, words wanted to come up but he couldnt.....he was too scared. one thing he hasn't been in such a long time. the architect raised his hand and a darkspawn on the far chasm laughed and drew a bow aiming for him. beldur clsoed his eyes and prayed to the creators, the mage loosed his hand and the arrow flew into beldurs stomach, at that moment the tough was partly filled with a black blood. arch demons blood, the mage cast a spell and the arrow that lodged into beldurs stomach opened a hole in him as blood being to leak out, he grunted and tried to free himself but it was useless. the blood poured into the trough that split into two and the darkspawn sat there began drinking. they then began to change. some died which beldur was happy at, but more began talking. screaming, growing. he could no longer sense them as well as he could a few seconds ago. then the remaining darkspawn got up and more sat down pushing the corpses away and then arnother arrow was loosed into him, this time into his arm. he cried in pain and begged in elven to be free, his prayers went unanswered and so beldur begun to squirm and twist reaching for the lyrium. he needed all the power he could get. and then his hand shunted and inch towards it. "the chains are coming loose!" he screamed in his head. "keep calm, and shunt the chain with every arrow in you, they wont hear it then" he then braced himself for the next lost, that is when vin was brought in.....beldur hoped she rememebred that she was a mage