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located in Puerto Vallarta, Manhattan, a part of Destiny takes A Vacation..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Puerto Vallarta, Manhattan



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She tried stopping him and correcting herself but by the time she could get a word in edge wise she had agreed that they'd be dating for the next two weeks and had another shot in front of him. She gave him a slight glare as she picked up the shot and said, "Order me another vodka redbull please?" She tapped his shot glass and again tapped it on the bar taking the shot down. It felt like fire in her stomach and she was definitely feeling the third shot.

She shook her head, "Nevermind... Let's get out of here. I want my real date." She teased slightly trying to get him away from the tequila before she was throwing up. Tequila was not her drink and everyone pretty much knew it in her life. She had just neglected to speak up and tell Al. "Let's go swimming in the ocean!" She slurred slightly wrapping her arms around him pouting playfully. "It will be fun. I don't have a bathing suit." She grinned.

Ally was being her cute little self, flirty, drunk, the usual and it seemed to be working in her favor.