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located in Diuinitati, a part of Diuinitati, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Magic, a force that is everywhere. One that muggles sometimes refuse to acknowledge, muggles being a non practicer of magic. Like most stories, ours starts with a group of people. An unusual bunch, they studied at a school called. Diuinitati, meaning divinity in Latin. Diuinitati is a school for wizards and witches to come and learn how to control and expand their magic. Most students, though they may have their negative aspects, don't mean any real harm. Where there is good though, evil always lurks in the shadows waiting to jump out and snatch the innocent before they even realize that they've been caught in it's deadly web.

Hidden away in the middle of Lake Superior is where a few lucky seven hundred or so, students find themselves for ten months out of the year, unless they leave for vacations. Most of them, don't mind that they go to school so long, for their school is one of wonders that enlightens them. Diuinitati, once you get past the tongue twister it is, it's an eye opener for many students, and one that will begin a new course this year.


Andy sighed. She was, in a few words, bored out of her mind. Though, looking out the window, she had to admit that the view was always wondrous. Since she found out she was a witch, Andy had loved traveling to Diuinitati. All students boarded what looked to be a steam punk submarine, that had plush rooms for students to sit in while they traveled. Getting to see schools of fish, the occasional whale, or shark, was just marvelous and pretty much a thrill ride for first years. Andy, was always glad to return to Diuinitati, but she was not looking forward to the meeting she would have to have with the other Clan Leader's after the Welcoming Banquet.

Seeing the marker, a lonesome pole that hovered by the track that the submarine took, Andy pulled on her robes. They were black, with the Blackburn insignia on the back in intricate detail. Pulling out her badge that showed she was a Clan Leader, Andy carefully pinned it on her robe, just above her right breast. Pulling her hair back in a ponytail, Andy gathered up her things, shoving various doodles, pencils, pens, and her itouch, back in her messenger back.

"Do you need anything off the cart before you leave dearest?" One of the house elves asked popping up in front of Andy with a tray of her favorite snacks. Andy shook her head at the aging elf, Dolly her name was.

"No thank you. I'm quite full from the food you brought earlier. It was delicious." Andy said. The little elf bowed and popped out of site as she submarine began to slow down. Opening the door to her compartment, Andy typically sat alone until she reconciled with her friends for not writing as much as she should have over the summer. "Alright everyone, get your robes on. We are nearing the school and I don't want anyone getting into trouble." Andy said sternly glaring at a few other second years who had been grinning a little too widely for her liking. The chances of them having something that was on the contraband list was more than likely. For some reason people always thought they could get away with sneaking things into the school.

"Andy! We've found you. Where are you going?" Delilah asked as she came out of her compartment, her robes were open revealing a low cut top and low rider jeans. Andy arched a brow at her choice of attire. Delilah was a sweet girl, who liked to entertain the idea that she was Andy's best friend, though Delilah would never be able to replace Reader. That girl was too special.

"I am going up to the front of the submarine, so that I can help escort people safely over the bridge to Diuinitati's entrance." Andy said and turned to walk away. Throwing Delilah, who was pouting, a look over her shoulder she added. "I'll see you at the Welcoming Banquet, and Delilah, close your robe." Despite being friends, Andy was still a Clan leader after all and making sure dress code was up held a part of the job. Pursing her full pink lips, grey eyes swung over the crowds scanning faces as the submarine began to dock at the bridge. "Alright everyone, make your way to the submarine doors in an orderly manner." Andy said ushering a few people along as she did. One first year girl gave her a particularly nasty look as she passed. The girl didn't have the prettiest of faces, and it was even worse with a snarl on her face.