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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #1840019

located in The City of Nerris, a part of Spellwar: Creation and Destruction, one of the many universes on RPG.

The City of Nerris



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"..." Miraze stared, seriously at a loss. Alright, so maybe these two ... were not what she had thought them to be, It made her wonder at times, how messed up this world was. Here were two otherwise semi-decent people, and they were generally looked down upon ( as testified by Vlad ) and people like the ones she used to know, at the very top with their plastic smiles and stab-in-the-back policies. This was exactly why she had run away, so she wouldn't become a bundle of lies like them.

"Erm ... thanks?" she asked, trailing uncertainly off. People didn't usually offer to help her unless they wanted something, and yet it was clear that these two boys had nothing to gain from them. It was a little .. heart-warming, really.

Except if they just think getting you two to trust them would make killing you all the more fun. Observer pointed out, and Miraze had to admit that she had a point, even though by what she could tell, Vlad was actually being honest. And Miraze was a more or less good judge of character, if she said so herself.

You did say so yourself. the Voice was getting annoying, so Miraze shunned it to the back of her head.

Klaus had killed the people bullying him, huh ? She gave him a contemplative glance. Her conceptions about morality and what was right and wrong was different than normal - had been different ever since she was five years old - and while she did think killing your tormentors was rather drastic, she couldn't really judge unless she knew the circumstances, and even then, she could sort of understand why both Vlad and Klaus had turned out like this. Hell, they could have turned out even worse.

She decided to settle on smiling a more-or-less genuine smile - a rarity for her around strangers - at them. "I can understand ... I spent a few years on the streets myself .... and her later on, of course." she nodded towards Aurelie, surprised as Vlad told her their own reason ( 'Or maybe just what he wants us to think of as his reason ...' Observer spoke up helpfully. 'Stop confusing me already ... ' Miraze sighed mentally. ).

"Huh ... that's surprisingly ... simple." she chewed on her bottom lip. "Well, not that I'm complaining. It just means two opponents less, I suppose, should we really decide on taking sides." What she had really wanted to say was that it was surprisingly close to her own reason, but she didn't. "And its a lot nicer than 'taking over the world', too. I'm Miraze." she added, since they had told her their real names, she supposed she should return the courtesy. She made a point to leave out Aurelie's name, it was her own decision whether she wanted to give them her name or not, Miraze had made a point of not including Aurelie's name with hers wherever they went, figuring it would raise less questions if she finally broke away from the other girl, or vice versa.