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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #1840026

located in The City of Nerris, a part of Spellwar: Creation and Destruction, one of the many universes on RPG.

The City of Nerris



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"Zador pisses you off? Well, that's one thing we have in common," Aurelie said drily. "Not that that's what you said before. Back then you were all, 'Hey, you do this yourself? Niiiiiiiiice,' and 'Hey, you know my buddy Klaus? He's probably even more evil than me.' In fact, I got the impression that the two of you were doing that guy thing where you argue over who has the bigger dick. Figuratively speaking, of course." She smirked at Vlad.

"You see," she went on, "it seems to me that you just say whatever you think will make you seem most impressive. In front of Zador you're all like 'I'm a badass cold killer, I'm so cool,' but when there's girls around you're like 'I'm like a gallant knight deep down - yeah - and I'm down with not being a creepy villain. Everything else is all on account of my dark and troubled past.' Now either you're playing everybody, mister, and just saying what you think they want to hear - which I'm not going to rule out - or you're actually that desperate to have people admire you that you end up being a bit schizo. Which is the answer I'm tending towards. I don't know if you realise it, but bragging non-stop about how badass you are gives a certain impression? You know, kind of like you're a little insecure? I know you have to talk trash when you're in a gang to get respect, but seriously, it gets old. We know you're dangerous. If you get the jump on us, we're dead." A faint smile curved her lips as she looked Vlad up and down. "If we got the jump on you, of course, that might be another matter."

Aurelie felt sure that Miraze would probably be getting annoyed with her. Whilst Aurelie fully believed that what she said was true - that in a conflict where the two of them got a chance to avoid vaporisation, they might well win - it was also true that she was hardly being conciliatory. She knew, as Miraze did, that if Vlad attacked them now she'd be disintegrated before she had a chance to act - and that both of them had already near-exhausted their powers. Still, she felt that she owed him the truth... and she was banking on the fact that he probably wouldn't kill them right now, given his whole 'I'm a decent guy' spiel that he'd been keeping up. And backing down would just signal weakness. So it was that what she said next wasn't actually motivated by fear.

"But before you go deciding I'm looking down on you? Don't. I just have zero tolerance for bullshit. And you sure as hell were bullshitting someone." Aurelie narrowed her eyes at Vlad. "Maybe - if and when I get a better handle on you - I'll reconsider."