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S-9 couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. He closed his comm to a private line with Hyuga, and double-checked the security of the channel. "Are you sure it's smart to have most of our forces concentrated on one planet? I mean, sure, our enemies have always seemed to announce their intentions in some convoluted sense of self confidence, but isn't there a chance Kain could be setting us up for a trap? Deception does seem to be his element..."

As he transmitted this message, he was also speaking to Teisha. "Sacura's got the idea. Go see if you can rustle up some friends for tomorrow. I'll start making preparations in case things turn sour." He tipped his hat to her before darting away. He had several ideas of what to do, namely to meet with some of the contacts he'd restored at the royal palace over the past few years. Once a satisfactory defensive position was formed he could focus on a counterattack...