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located in Ferelden, a part of Dragon age Reborn, one of the many universes on RPG.




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thuthump, thuthump, thuthump, thuthump.

Vin's head thumped evenly with the beat of her heart. Strange noises filled the periphials of her hearing, her brain not registering what was happening. All she could really think of was the thumping of her head and how it was oddly synchronized with her heartbeats. Nothing had apparently ever proved more fascinating then that noise in her half conscience state. Her mind was nagging at her, trickling a sensation that she had felt countless times before. She paid no heed to the warning though as her head lolled to the side, resting on her shoulder. Her wrists were hurting but she didn't seem to care at that moment, it was simply fascinating how her head thumps and her heart thumps seemed to go at the same time.

Some shuffling of her body and she was lifted up and carried, something she thought was quite nice. Was someone carrying her off to bed? That was incredibly kind of them but her mind couldn't think of one person who would do that. Her mother was dead, her father wasn't the type to put her in bed, Ethan was dead and turned out to be a psychopath and apparently Beldur was the homocidal type that had a way with words and trickery; because she had never been so fooled into love in her whole life.

The thought of Beldur nagged at her, was it because she was simply upset with him? She didn't understand why his name affected her so much at the moment. Yes, her heat ached at the thought of him, but it was something else. Like someone had embedded a dagger deep inside of her skull. Her mind wanted her to remember something important about him. What was she doing last with him anyways? She knew he tried to kill her and then her mind went blank, memories blackened and lost within the depth of her mind. She had trusted him with everything, gave up everything to be with him. She loved him more than she thought possible bus apparently that was all just a lie, unimportant to him. She didn't want to seem melodramatic but she was sure that if she could die of a broke heart, she would have died.

Her head lolled once more and she groaned, listening to murmuring around here. Her forehead scrunched together and her lips pursed, trying to find something comfortable. Her mind was bothering her, it was trying to alarm her with that feeling she had felt before, but where?

It only took another second for her to realize with an annoyance. Darkspawn; and not just a little bit either. She peeked her eyes open and peered around her, no attention given to her. No, instead it was on Beldur, she hoped he could crawl in a cave and die . . . oh wait.

But it did leave her in a good situation. She tugged at the rope for a few moments before it loosened a bit and she was able to get her wrists out, ignoring the rope burn she had gotten. Her hands searched for her daggers and they narrowed when she realized she had given them to Beldur. She scolded herself in her mind, mad at herself that she had taken his life as a priority and shifted into a crouch; trying to be as quiet as she could.

Which she was usually immaculate at, but, of course, that wouldn't have been interesting. Since when was anything intereting in her life? It was like a bad horror movie that failed at being scary and was just overly dramatic and dumb. She hissed as the rock under her foot moved and bounced on the wall, making a noise. Eyes turned to her and Darkspawn smiled. A Darkspawn, the one who seemed to be leading this whole thing, openly declared that he had no need for her, decided it would be a nice time to repeat so.

The only way that she could describe it was like vultures descending on a corpse. They advanced, the blades of their swords gleaming menacingly. She usually would have scoffed at the sight but she usually had a back up partner that she trusted as well as plenty of weapons, now she had neither. They seemed to signal at each other and the biggest one grinned and advanced towards her while the others seemed to circle her. He held his blade in front of her and prepared to strike, swingly it menacingly above his head.

She closed her eyes and raised her arms in a bad attempt to protect her. She was dissapointed at the lack of her life flashing before her eyes, she was going to die anyways. But after a few seconds that she thought were taunting on a victory killed turned into a minute, her eyes open.

She was shocked at what she found.

Time seemed to be suspended. The sword was suspended a mere millimeter in front of her face, another half a second would have sliced her face clean off. No one moved, not one person; time had apparently stopped. She peeked over, deciding that it was a good time to go before her luck ran out. She ducked out from under the sword and made it out of the circle of Darkspawn, getting ready to leave the cave.

She heard shuffling and cursed, apparently her luck had run out now. She turned around, only to see that everyone was still frozen except Beldur. She glared at him, ignoring his wounds. "I don't know what happened but I hope you choke." She told him, as she turned around and started to leave the tunnels, honestly not caring if he followed or not.