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located in Ferelden, a part of Dragon age Reborn, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Beldur groaned as arrow after arrow went into him. he then passed out just as vin was brought in. he ehard screaming. laughing, cheering. and then nothing, he forced his eyes to open and everything was frozen, and vin was staring at him "I don't know what happened but I hope you choke." she said, those words echoed and as she turned to leave it was like a boiling hot knife turning in his ehart. he wrenched his hand free panting already exausted once mroe and reached out for the bright blue lyrium viens that crawled up the walls. the moment he touched his all his veins flashed blue as the mana within him grew and swirled, with sudden ease he snapped the chains off aswell as a tiny vein of lyrium and because to force the arrows out, he fell to his hands and knees but staggered to his feet after a long moment

"vin.....wait!" he stumbled after her getting taller and standing straighter with every step, he caught up to vin and put a hand on her shoulder "im so glad your alive, are you hurt?....what in the creators name did you do?" what she did was impossible, or so beldur thought. how could their be any magic that he didnt know about. did vin invent new magic? her skills wernt so different from the fabled force mages who used gravity as a weapon. but not at this magnitude. and of course vin wouldnt have ehard of how?

he turned her slightly, dispaire covering his face "im sorry about what i did, i was never going to hurt you, but i couldnt let you go off, that darkspawn mage is still alive and hewill be back... i hope not anyway" he then stood there trying to regain breath, to hold on the energy to stand up. and also bracing himself for what he would think vid would do. beldur braced himself to be satbbed, for he knew he deserved it. hitting vin was bad enough but the fact he was too worried to trust her made him sick to his stomach. what ever she threw, he knew he deserved