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Snippet #1844761

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars
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Absolem looked down at the Rabbit. His eyes narrowed slightly, but hey, it wasn't his fault who he served. He sat up, floating down so he didn't reign so much taller than the small looking boy, although, they both were nearly the same age. Your cuteness is almost sickening, Rabbit. He sighed, eyes scanning him. What did that god forsaken Queen want from him now? Was she still trying to break the few chains who held their pride? Was she finally bored? She needed to remember the old riddle, You can see nothing else When you look in my face, I will look you in the eye And I will never lie. What am I?' Your reflection of course. The Queen of Hearts needs an honest to god mirror so she could see her reflection. No other would be so brutally honest. She's unhappy and all of Wonderland can see it, but all fear her far too vastly to call her out. Her sadism is just a form of quenching that loneliness and unhappiness. His pink eyes got a dark sparkle in them when he mentioned a game, "Well, well. She finally proposes something to my interest. A game, a game she says. Now this I must see." He brought himself into the air again, floating effortlessly, now if only he could do this with others so thoughtlessly... He shook off the thought. If, it's a poisonous word. You'd do best to forget it Absolem. He looked to see Cheshire, his eyebrows raising, for a second, he'd forgot he'd been in the cat's company. He thought little of this however, "Do you wish to travel at your own leisure, or would you rather we go together to discuss the commotion with that woman?" His tone was bored, his usual deep voice. He didn't care if the cat came with him or not, he just figured he would be courteous. He waited for the answer, his pink eyes closing as he began to hum a catchy tune. Though, where he'd heard it escaped him.



She ran, not from fear. It also was not from panic, Rhia ran for the sheer purpose of getting around faster. She had to find someone, anyone. Not being able to remember anything, that she could handle, but she could not handle however, being alone. She stopped when she got too tired, biting her bottom lip, "Just what the heck is this?" she hissed, "There is no way I'm here by myself, it's not plausible."[/b] she stated flatly, refusing to believe otherwise. She placed the tip of her thumb inside her mouth, chewing on it as she began trying to think, think of anything basically, "How old are you..?" she asked herself, that one came easy, "Eighteen.." she whispered to herself, smiling a bit. She could remember that much. She couldn't see the walls or the ceiling. Three days without water, fourteen without food.. give or take. She began calculating how long she could possibly survive here if she continued to find no one, and nothing.