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Snippet #1848860

located in Tea Garden, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tea Garden

"Isn't it just a beautiful day for tea?"


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Character Portrait: Alde Beriel [Queen of Hearts] Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars
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Cheshire shrugged nonchalantly upon Absolem's outburst, continuing through the door. "It's merely a nickname," he spoke evenly, not intending anything by his words, just offering truths, "Everyone has them. Not everyone likes them, but I've never seen anyone complain as much as you." He stopped once inside the palace and turned to face the Caterpillar, "Why is that?" Instead of meeting Absolem's face it he found himself trapped within the arms of Her Majesty. Immediately he stiffened upon contact. Everything within him seemed to scream and stir, demanding him to transform into something to fight against her grasp. Though difficult, he managed to control his alterations. Alright, he thought, disguarding what he previously donned nice upon being touched, If I'm never pet, hugged or prodded again, it would be too soon. The Queen's voice drooled with innocence, just like everything else about her. How one such as her became, ruler of his Wonderland he couldn't recall, but he knew better than to take things by appearances only, especially from her.

He watched from the corner of his eye as Absolem retreated a few steps, a sharp twinge of panic surging through him thinking the Caterpillar was going to leave him alone with the Queen. Dealing with her was bad enough, but being alone with her was a different story entirely. He did NOT want all her attention on him. Upon seeing the Caterpillar float instead as if fearful of the Queen, he allowed himself a tiny chuckle of both humour and relief. He allowed Absolem to speak for him. Let him have her attention for the time being. His tone and theatrics kept Cheshire curious. He gave the man props for his cruel, yet innocent display. He definitely had courage..or was just stupid. Those things we're so alike it's hard to decipher one from the other.

His smile broadened upon Absolem's calling the other chains out. Aren't we a little rat? He mused to himself. Not that he cared really, as long as it wasn't his head on the line. His eyes went to the Queen, it was her turn in this facade of polite cruelty. He disliked her remark, "It means they show what you are too afraid to." He wasn't a coward. He hated all this round about way of speaking. Tip-toeing on eggshells wasn't for him, but he wasn't stupid enough not to tread carefully. The Queen was quick to anger and though it was hilarious seeing anyone angry, the Queen's wrath was fatal. So he took the comment in stride, not allowing his smile or pose to falter. He did, however, grin more upon the sound of tea. "That sounds wonderful." He spoke with excitement, meaning every word. He couldn't remember when he last had tea, or anything 'civilized' to drink for that matter. Come to think of it when was the last time Hatter invited him for tea? He hadn't seen the bloke in a while.

He leaned towards Absolem, his feet now off the ground, "Ha. It was a good idea to come early. Now look, we get tea." He floated around the Caterpillar and dared to float next to the Queen his happy gaze studying her. Talk of tea sparked his interest, causing him to temporarily forget the care he should be taking. "I can't remember what it tastes like you know. I imagine it must be good, since most all of my Wonderland seems to drink it." He was cut off from his monologue by the thousand or so black butterflies. He couldn't help but swat at the few who flew pass, twirling about in the air using his momentum. It was instinctual, the bit of play, something he couldn't help. Though he knew he might be treading on thin ice he really didn't care..too much. He willing to risk a bit of fun in the Queen's palace. What was life if it wasn't worth risk?