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Snippet #1848878

located in Lake Lacie, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lake Lacie

A lake surrounded by mountains, filled with tranquility, infested with monsters ... perfect spot for a vacation, or a survival trip!


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Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Dormouse
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White Rabbit

Rabbit groaned in frustration. He had spent approximately 10 minutes running around the most common areas of Wonderland but, to no prevail, catch a single Chain. It's as if they had all moved into hibernation or something, he stifled a chuckle as he realised he was describing the Chains as woodland animals. This was somewhat ironic because the White Rabbit was, well, a rabbit. He travelled slowly back towards the Palace. He hopped to the edge of Lake Lacie and gazed over it oppressively, Rabbit's eyes widened slightly as she saw the distinct shade of pink from a distance. It galloped behind a girl's body who was wielding a large sword in hand. Intrigue faded into relief as her identity hit him in the face.
Why... Yes.. If - Then she must... She must be Dormouse!
He bounded happily to the large grassy area where the pink-haired girl was training and stopped abruptly as he let the wind rush towards him and enfold his entirety.
"My dear, you don't know how happy I am that I've found you," Said Rabbit cheerfully, warily eyeing the long blade in her hands, "The majority of the Chains are in hiding, it seems."

Rabbit, once again, glanced at his pocket watch. He nodded dutifully, realising that he had more than enough time before he should return to the Palace. He mulled over the thought of doing a verification for anyone-else in Wonderland before reverting his attention back to Dormouse.
"Queen proposes a game of some sorts," Said Rabbit with a tone that hinted formality," I have no information on the subject so I have told the rest of the Chains - that I managed to find - to go to the Palace and ask the Queen herself. Most of them should be there by now, so you'll be in good company."

The boy then crouched onto the floor and transformed into a rabbit. He stood on his hind legs, the golden pocket watch placed in his white paw.
"I shall a do a quick double-check before going to the Palace myself," Squeaked the rabbit," Until then, au revoir."
He then dropped onto all four of his paws before padding away quickly, his furry feet making no sound or mark on the dirt and grass; As if he had never been there.