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located in Kreandor, a part of Kreandor: Secrets of the Psionic, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Xaos stops in his tracks as something pulls at the back of his mind and he puts his hand to his head as he focuses on it "...Atian, we must hurry, I feel as if... as if Damian and them know where we are." He lands on the outside of the of the outpost Psicom set up to keep everyone that isn't Psicom personal out and an Klaxon alarm begins to sound. "Be ready Atian, they wont just let us waltz in. Even if it is to stop them from making mistakes that could destroy this world." As he says this, the big metal door to the facility opens and five men in Psicom security uniforms point their Laser Machine guns at the two.

"Stay where you are Test Subject 07438!" Says a man in a captains uniform as the guns of his men make a clicking noise as they prepare to fire. "You know as well as I do, Captain, that you will not survive unless you run with your tail between your legs, now." Xaos walks forward unafraid on the men in front of him. The Captain of the Security force takes a step back. "F-f-f-FIRE!" He stammers while giving the order. The men don't hold back and a barrage of laser bolts fly at Xaos, who swings his arm up and crosses them over his face. As he does this the ground rumbles and he is covered a cloud of dirt, obscuring him from view.

The cloud clears and Subject 07438 isn't there anymore. The Captain and the rest of the security force look around. "Where did he go?" "How did he do that?" "The reports didn't mention invisibility." The guards begin to chatter. "Quite down and focus on his friend!" The Captain shouts and the men snap to attention and aim at Atian. "Foolish humans." Xaos's voice comes from above them. "So quick to fall for my trick." The men all turn around and look up and Xaos is floating above them, small balls of fire floating around him. "How..." The Captain says. "The reports never mentioned Pyrokinesis...." Xaos slowly begins to descend, the fireballs moving fast around him as he does so. "I hope you are at peace." Xaos says as he waves his hand at one of the Security personale and it sticks to him. "Get it off! Get it off!" The man screams, batting at the ball of fire. "Incinerate." Xaos snaps his fingers and the ball of fire explodes, covering the man head to toe in burning flames, another man gets caught in the burst and screams as the right side of his body is terribly burnt. "Now Captain, do you still wish to fight?" With a subtle move of Xaos's hand he telekinetically nudges Atian, trying to tell him to attack while they have their backs turned to him.