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Snippet #1853276

located in Lake Lacie, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lake Lacie

A lake surrounded by mountains, filled with tranquility, infested with monsters ... perfect spot for a vacation, or a survival trip!


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Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Dormouse Character Portrait: Mad March
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With a leaf over her eyes the March Hare laid on a high branch sound asleep. It was roughly midday and she was not ready to see it. Her mind was at rest and everything was silent. She was able to think about the things she cared about. Or at least, she was, she heard the sound of voices beneath her and slowly turned her head so that the leaf would fall away from her face. She looked down at two of her friends as the thoughts started to flood her head. She was not ready for the thoughts. She never was. She rolled out of the tree and landed on the ground in a crouch. “It's too early!” She shouted before falling onto her bum and lifting her hat to reveal a cup of tea. “Just a spot... that's all a young hopper needs,” She spoke as fingerless gloved hands grasped the handle of the cup. She sniffed it for a moment before looking at the tiny drop of tea in the bottom of the cup. “A hopper could ask for more...” She frowned as she watched the cup fill, “Mmm... perfect,” She took only a sip before dumping the rest onto the forest floor.

“Oh!” She turned to her friends, “Dormy, Rabbit, what are the two of you up too?” She skipped over to the White Rabbit and touched his ears lightly knowing all too well how sensitive his ears were. “Hm...” She flipped over his short form and fell onto her back so that she was looking up at him, “It would appear that you, my friend are...” She pulled out her pocket watch and stared at it as it ticked counter clockwise, “Late,” She looked up with a serious expression, “very late, in fact,” She got to her feet and dusted herself off keeping her back to him, “I'm betting that you're up to something!” The madness quickly returned to her voice. “What has Red put you up too?! She want's my hat doesn't she?” She took a tight unbreakable hold of her top hat, “Well, we'll not be having any of that!” She quickly turned and ducked behind the nearest tree.

“Dormy! You'd better watch your back with this one!” She called to her friend, “He may be tiny and adorable but he is a vicious killer I assure you!” She couldn't wipe the smile off of her face as she taunted the rabbit. She didn't wait for Dormy and quickly ran to the Lake's edge and stared down at a fish finding herself quickly distracted. Her mind began to swim with anything and everything. The thoughts, words, and faces, swimming around slowly in her head making circles and swirls. She sat down and hugged her knees as she tried to calm the thoughts down, to organize them and make them make some sense in this senseless world.

She moved her hand under her hat and pulled out her empty tea cup. “Just a bit more then a spot...” She mumbled as it filled half way. She slowly sipped it down and turned her attention to the sky. “Where's Hatter? We're in desperate need of a tea party.” She snapped as she began to look around for one of the first people she befriended. She lifted rocks and searched behind trees. “It's his unbirthday too,” She pouted as looked around, “You help too Dormy. Rabbit!” She barked.