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Snippet #1858013

located in Palace of Hearts, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Palace of Hearts

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris
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Absolem / Caterpillar

Absolem smirked at the boy before him. His eyes closed, content with the boy's answer. For a human, he is quite familiar with riddles I see. I think we shall get along, "Very well, if you wish I will contract with you, and we shall leave this hall." He let the ghost of a smile fall across his pale features. This could be quite interesting indeed, however, I shall not get too attached to this boy, it will not prove wise if I win or lose. Going to the lower level, or betraying him and leaving wonderland.. neither would make befriending him and forming an attachment wise. He finally opened his eyes, landing on his feet in front of Grey. He bowed respectfully, almost like a showcase butler. It was over-the-top, yet still respectful and gentlemanly. He tilted his head, "Aren't you even a tad bit curious as to why you've been abducted?" Caterpillar asked with a bemused expression, why wouldn't he ask?

"A game has been proposed in which neither you nor I have choice to participate in. It's quite unfavorable to say no, that's all I can tell you at this current time." He ran a hand through his green locks. He then smiled, "Also, contracting with me shall grant you certain skills. I'm not quite certain as to how well they will transfer however."


Rhia blinked a bit when the cat seemed to ponder, and she looked around as well. She bit her bottom lip nervously, chewing on her thumb softly. Did I say something stupid? She tried to think back as to what was so amusing. She couldn't help but make sure she was polite. It never was well to be impolite when one wanted answers, it got you no where. Rhia blinked a bit when the cat sighed. Can cats normally sigh? Now that I think about it, how many cats can grin like that? None I've ever seen. This is all quite curious, I'm not sure what I should think about this place. She chewed her thumb harder as she went further into thought.

Rhia shivered a bit, but restrained herself from squirming, she didn't want to make the cat fall afterall, "Well being impolite gets nothing accomplished in matters as such as this." she retorted looking around for the cat, tensing when she felt the light weight return to her other shoulder, looking over it, shivering again went she felt fur against her neck. That tickles.. She however listened, her eyes closing as Cheshire listed it's many names. She looked around like the cat silently instructed, this time noticing the other people, her eyes widening, but her reaction otherwise remaining calm. W-when did they get there!? She nodded, "Alright, Cheshire.. I don't remember my name, Rhia's the best I've got." She sweat-dropped, laughing nervously, "So.. we're here for a purpose, correct?" she finally asked, her golden eyes peering over her shoulder again at the cat, still processing the dramatic cat and how she'd somehow missed an entire hall of people.