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Snippet #1860238

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Cheshire
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Once back in the sanctity of his beloved forest he jumped back into his marked tree. A satisfied sigh escaped him as he lay on his familiar branches. His stature was much more relaxed now that he was out from the Queen's palace. He knew when to make a quick get-a-way, especially knowing how his actions were pushing his luck. Not that he was afraid, of course, he was confident in his elusive skills, but nothing beat the ever changing realm he surrounded himself in. Even his tree, though it remained in one place, its leave and markings were in constant flux, as if in dance with eachother. He traced his finger lightly against the bark, savoring the touch.

He looked down below, suddenly remembering the child he procured. She was a boring creature. Her manners and shocking acceptance of her situation frustrated him. He managed to struggle pass that though, knowing it was her acceptance that could possibly save her, Hell, them both, in the future. When everything began it's transformation he wouldn't have to worry because she was flexible and naive, like a little doll. He would guide her when such tasks became apparent, but for now it was interesting watching her cling to his every word and see what she would do with his words later on.

In the meantime, to keep things peaceful between them, no one listens to someone who doesn't give answers, he would keep her complacent. He remembered her questions as he took his leave from the palace: "Don' want to leave?" He hung upside-down from his branch, his attention now solely on her. "Don't be silly," he laughed. Flipping off his branch he lands before the girl. Before she has time to react, he takes her by the arms and jumps back up into his tree, "This is a privilege girl. No one comes in Cheshire's tree," he said, sitting her down upon his perch. He blows at the colourful leaves that had grown back since his last 'attack' when the White Rabbit first arrived. "Now look," he ordered, pointing out into his realm. His finger traced the sky, guiding her eyes across the fields of singing flowers to the amusing, arguing clouds and rays of light and over the horribly ugly, yet wildly bright creatures within the hazy mushroom patch. "This is my Wonderland. Tell me, child, why would I leave?"

He looked over his kingdom in pride. Nothing would make him leave this place. He savored the uncertainty of his Wonderland, the beautiful surprises and the just plain strangeness of his realm. His thoughts soon paused however, as he gazed further out into the world. Things were in motion now and though his beloved change was already occurring, something troubled him deeply within. His Wonderland was growing unsteady, not that it wasn't steady to begin with, but he could sense..something. His forest spoke to him, the air and foliage whispering him horrid tales of darkness and decay. There was a disease spreading and force witch accompanied it made him shiver.

He dragged his gaze away and looked over the girl. He hoped she would remain so accepting, regardless of how irksome it was. She would need this..skill. Soon. "Ever heard of the Jabberwocky?"