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Snippet #1862194

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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Scared and alone.

Gina's world was black.

It was not simply dark, for even in darkness there is always some, this was an absence of light so was just black. And in it there was the t͏̤̣̫h͎̟̥̝i̙͈̟n̨̥͇͓g͉̮̘̯͠. She didn't know what it was...only that it whispered things to her, sometimes it hurt her, but then it made the hurt go away. It told her about how her mother hated her, about how daddy stayed away because she was a filthy pig. She cried sometimes. But the whispers never stopped. It told her how much worse things would be, about how mommy would leave...daddy had a new family someplace else...MrTibbs would get ran over. She cried.

Then it let her feel pain.

First she thought it was like a skinned knee, but it was EVERYWHERE. Her body hurt so much, she felt raw and sore. The skin had to be on fire, her screams couldn't even stop the whispers. Still they went on. And on. a̴͚̙̗n̫̤̯ḍo̡̺̬n̡.̲̮͈̩̭a̤̦̖͈̹̱n̞͉͎̪̹̭d̶o̩n̞̩͙͙͖̫̦͘.̮a͚̰̭n̜d̷̠͉͚̳̬̣̗o͉̲n.̞̩a͕̻̞͈̟͇n̹̣̫͖d͇̹̲͈̭ͅͅơ̦̖̠ͅn̸͕͓͚͕̺͕.̲̼͈̪̦̳̭a̘͝n͓̤͎̮̕ͅḍ̼o͎̤n̙̼̞̻͡.̠̤̠͕̩͎a̷̙nd̸͉̯o̟̩͙͚͘n̙̳̳̳͇͡.̶̗̮̱̟a̲͈͇̣̼̤n̷̳̝̪̦͙̠d̬͔̱ǫ̦n̦̺͇.̨̪a̧͈̳͎̩n̦̞̟̫̪͖ͅd̥̗̗͉̖o̴n̛̝͚̗̞.̮̺̥̰ͅ

Then it stopped. The pain went away. The whispers said it could stay gone. It could feel good instead.

The wind felt warm, like in summer time. Her feet felt wet, like when she was at the beach. It was just like she remembered it. If not for the whispers it would be like when her daddy had surprised her with a trip to the beach! She had so much fun that day, the sand squished between her toes, the sun on her back. The water had been so nice, just cool enough. She built a sand castle that day.

When she opened her eyes there was her castle. And a doll. It was an ugly doll, all black with tatters of white clinging to it like shed skin. It made her scared. She wanted her daddy to take it away, but there was no one. Just her, the doll and her castle. A wall of darkness seemed to press in from all sides, held back by the castle's walls. She didn't know it..but this place was her only hope.


The beast made it's way through the woods, riding the monster-dog like one would a horse; it was big enough for the task by now. As the pair moved they spread decay in their wake. Flowers wilted, trees fell black, animals scattered..only to return moments later, infected. Like a plague-bearer the thing that once had been Gina spread the Jabberwocky's essence across Wonderland's forest. Death followed closely for those that seemed immune.

One such individual was a lizard. His name was Bill.

Bill never had good luck. His job had been lost, no need for a chimney sweep, they said, especially one who drank to much. It was in a drunken stupor that the girl-thing came upon him. Bill sat, head between his knees on a stump, bottle in hand. He belched wetly, wiping his mouth before looking up and frowning at the rider. Strong drink kept him numb from fear, as the being extended one hand towards him. And nothing happened.

With a frown, and a second gesture with her hand, the skeletal rider sighed...and moved along. Bill was confused, and was ready for another drink...when they fell on him. What had once been small forest creatures were now violent killing beasts. Teeth, claws..they ripped at him, gouging out great chunks of meat. Blood sprayed everywhere as arteries were shredded. Bill never even knew what had happened. The shredded pulp that remained of his body would be unrecognizable, if not for his hat, left soaking in a pool of blood.

And the rider moved on.