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Snippet #1865565

located in Eden, a part of The Facade of Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.


A once prosperous town, Eden was heaven on earth. Now, it's nothing more than the ruins of paradise and a monument to the greed of mankind.


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Character Portrait: Gabriel Smith Character Portrait: Andy Brannan
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Day 1 - 9:30 - Living Room

Andy came back into the living room, bad arm held in her good one. Her shoulder was an ugly bruised color, essentially useless, and there was blood on her hands from where she'd helped Charlie clean up in the bathroom.
When she saw Gabe and Devin standing there, wide eyed as though they'd seen MORE ghosts and ghouls, she hung back, her lips parting as if she were going to speak.

But no words came.

"What...are the chances of us getting out of here?" she finally managed, leaning against the wall on her good shoulder. Her clothes were soaked, her hair matted and tangled around her face, and there was blood trickling from her knees where she'd slid against the pool deck. After a short pause, she took a breath and sighed.


Gabriel was busy, dropping a salt line across each window and door. His attention immediately turned to Andy as she entered the room. "Stop Andy" He spoke calmly, dropping the silver onto the couch as he walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her neck, pushing her head gently against his chest. He enveloped her in his embrace, soothing and calming her the best he could. "Come on Andy, don't talk like that. You're getting out of here alive, i promise."

Despite the situation, he spoke with unfiltered confidence and sincerity.

She winced a little when he pulled her against his chest, her good hand coming up to hook around his bicep. Sighing slightly, she closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his chest, unable to help the tears that burned at the corners of her eyes.

"We should see if we can leave." she said, her voice weak. "Just..get out of here, you know? Get the police involved or something."

There were no phones in the place, and their cell phones didn't get service around here.

He released her slowly, brushing a finger under her eyes. He gently cleared the tears away, letting his hand linger idly against her cheek. "I'll get you out of here" He turned away from her, stepping up to the door. He held the iron firepoker in his hand as he wrapped his hand around the door handle. He opened it cautiously, his eyes flickering across the forest. "W-Wheres the car?" He shuddered, stepping outside into the open.

In a moments time, something jump out from the darkness. It appeared to be- Human? But no, it was almost transparent. It swiped Gabriel, sending him flying to the floor, the iron firepoker dropping by the door. He tried to kick it back from his position on the floor, but it walked through it, unshaped.

He reached for the iron, grabbing it and swiping it at the form. It struck him, pushing him back. Gabriel took to his feet, stepping back into the house and shutting the door "The salt!" He pointed across the room at a small box. "Andy, pass it to me!'

"Here!" Andy shouted, tossing it to him with her good hand. She was hovering back by the wall, her eyes wide with terror as she watched the monster approach and attack. Her breath came in fasts spurts, vision blurring as the threat of passing out loomed ever closer.
"I, is it...the salt keeps it out?" she asked, reaching a hand out to catch her balance.

He didnt answer at first, trailing it across the door before taking a quick step back.

He eyed it nervously, half expecting it to burst though the door despite the salt. It seemed he didnt even trust it's potency.

Minutes passed, the salt appearing to have done its job. "I cant believe it actually worked..." His voice veered off slowly.
He turned to face Andy, "Yeah... it is" He stepped forward, putting his hands on her waist and motioning towards the couch. "Sit down for a minute, let me patch you up"

"I'm patched," she replied, looking down at his hands. "I feel fine, just tired..." She stepped forward, just leaning against his chest as her brow furrowed in her own confusion.

"How did you know about the salt?" It certainly wouldn't have been her first guess.

"Andy, no you're not" He motioned towards her knee's "Please, just sit and let me bandage them for you- You know me, and you know im going to be stuburn about this" He put his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her away from him. "I'll tell you while im tending to the wounds"
She gave him a look, closing her eyes and shaking her head before striding past him. She didn't wait, just took a seat, then leaned her elbows down on her knees and looked over at him.

"Where is everyone else?" she asked quietly. Devin seemed to have disappeared, and Charlie hadn't come downstairs yet.
Gabriel crouched in front of her, pulling out the first-aid kit from under the coffee table. He began gently rubbing the wounds with the alchohol swabs. "Devin's looking for more Iron" He looked up at her, his hands wrapped around her legs, his thumbs grazing across the skin under the wounds gently.

"Im sorry about all of this- "

He couldn't keep her gaze, averting his eyes as he began wrapping the wounds. He collected himself before speaking again "But uh, my uncle was a bit of a nut. He was into all this Ghost stuff. Thats how i knew about the salt" He laughed uneasily to himself "And i sent him to a mental ward-" He stayed silent for a moment, standing slowly as he gathered himself. "Guess that's what he gets in return for trying to protect me" He gazed at the floor, the same uneasy laughter.
He hated himself for what he did, even before he knew these monsters existed. But now-

His uncle was just trying to prepare him

1 year earlier - Millerton, New York

"Gabe, my boy, don't do this" He reached out to him with a feeble hand, tears glazed his eyes. He smiled pleadingly. "Don't let them, Gabe"
"Please, i only want to protect you"

Gabriel looked away "Stop, you need help"

As they sat him in the car, he gazed out the window at Gabriel. The tears streamed down his face, "Im sorry, Gabriel" He fell into a quiet sob as the van pulld away from the driveway

Day 1 - 09:48 - The Cabin

Gabriel brushed the tears from his face. Throughout this entire day, Gabriel managed to keep his cool. The most it had got out of him was a few tears.
But what stood there today was a shaken man, one who realized he had made the gravest mistake in his entire life. His uncle died at that institution, afraid and alone.

She listened to his story, unsure of how to process what she was hearing. She searched his face, her heart beating uncomfortably in her chest, gut twisting with emotion as she watched the tears form in his eyes.
"Come on Gabe..." she murmured, pushing herself to her feet and staring up at him with concern written all over her face. "You did it for love, right? I mean, you didn't know how to help him, so you found people who might. And really, who could have guessed that he'd be right?"
More tears.

"Who could have possible known that horrific things happen so regularly? We don't...we just, we don't."
She looked away from him, wiping at tears that had gathered, finally tilting her chin to her chest so he wouldn't see how close she was coming to just losing her composure.

He looked up at the ceiling, wiping away the last of the tears. "Huh" He took a breath, sniffling for a moment as he looked back at her. He smiled "Im uh- Sorry about that. It's the past, and i have more pressing matters to attend to" He rubbed the back of his neck uneasily, trying to push his uncle out of his mind.

He caught a bookshelf out of the corner of his eye. "Maybe..." He walked over to it, brushing his fingers across the spines of the books. "These- They're all about monsters - And witchcraft" He ponderd for a moment as he gazed upon the shelf of ancient books.

"Why on earth would you want to read about monsters when they're on the fucking front porch?" Andy replied, collapsing back onto the couch and curling her knees up to her chest. "I mean, really Gabe..."

"Im sorry, do you know how to kill a mermaid? What about that octopus thing that grabbed my leg? I doubt they can be reasoned with"

He pulled a book from the shelf, flipping through it quickly. "This seems to be some sort of potion book-" He slipped the leather book into his pocket as he pulled a large one from the shelf.

He flipped through it, stopping as he brushed passed an image. "This is it, this is what killed Patrick-" He gazed out at the pool. He looked back to the book "We wont have to worry about it anymore... as long as we dont go near the water"

He turned back to Andy, crouching down infront of her and placing a hand on each of her knees. He shook them comfortingly. "Come on Andy, if we wannah get through this we have to know what we are up against" He pulled the book out of his pocket and put it on her lap. "Try to find something for your Arm"

"Find what?" she replied incredulously. "A potion? Get serious, Gabe. Aren't these things made of newts and bat wings and shit? Where on earth would we find what we need for this anyway?"

She looked from the book to him, not meaning to take out her frustration on him, especially since he was being so kind...
But still. Seriously? This was all getting to be a bit much.

"I dont get how you can still hold so much doubt, Andy. Maybe it's because you didnt stair that creature in the eyes, but i did-
Before he could finish, Devin came into the room screaming. "Calleigh, she's gone-"

Day 1 - 10:01 - Living Room