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located in Tea Garden, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tea Garden

"Isn't it just a beautiful day for tea?"


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Queen Of Hearts

She smiled, secretly holding back a sigh. Smile, smile, smile ... she was starting to get sick of the smiles.

That's a true sign of madness, starting to get sick of yourself. Soon enough you'll be mad enough for me to...

Blocking out the relentless voice in the back of her head, she directed her attention to the March Hare. How ... rude of her to be so late. She wondered if she could execute her?

"How sweet of you to finally join us." she chimed, stressing the finally. "You are going to participate because if you win, you can be free of Us and Wonderland - the things you seem to dislike enough to make a late entry even though the price could be your head. And you will be participating to win because if you lose, you will be dragged into the Lower Level - the Jabberwocky's dominion. Last but not the least, you will be participating because 'no' is not an option. It never is with Us, actually."

Finishing her tirade ( in her terms ), she concentrated on the situation in the Great Hall. The Cheshire Cat had already found a Contractor and was gone. He ... she ... whatever, never did enjoy staying in one place for long. And what a contractor Cheshire had, too. One that he/ she could apparently tell was female, but one that had appeared male to the Queen and - she was sure of this - everyone else around her. A fitting partner.

Speaking of fitting, her Little Rabbit had found someone quite similar to him. She smiled a private, genuine smile, before it suddenly became twisted like all her other smiles.

Aren't you glad they seem to be getting along?
I wonder what he will do if he wins the game? Will he really be willing to leave her behind? The Little One is too kind for his own good ....

She directed her gaze to Absolem and the boy with him, eyes widening in surprise. This boy ... she remembered that he was the only one she had actually hand-picked. He interested her, with his strange way with cards and the fact that he had a world of his own, even within Wonderland. Before entering the Great Hall, he had manged to enter The Garden. The one that was forbidden to even think about, and quite possibly forgotten by everyone but her.

Considering the last time she saw It had been at the time Wonderland was being morphed into what it was now, that wasn't really surprising.

She saw the Duchess with a girl who had long silver hair, a sword, a .... shark? plushie and a very rebellious demeanor, immediately understanding the Duchess' reasons. Pfft, this should be interesting, indeed.