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Snippet #1866266

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Yumika "Ivory" Rae
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Ivory it has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Ivory's eyes blinked for a moment before running his words as quickly as she could manage through her thought process, and she shrugged her shoulders as her only response, "An apology felt adequete." she she finally countered, and she finally giggled at him, "I didn't think the second one.." she replied back, wiping her eyes amused. You're a little strange, but you seem most normal out of the lot.. and she blinked around at the others people got contracted with. She felt lucky. She turned her head to keep her eyes on him, trying her best to not make herself dizzy in her attempts. She wasn't sure why he was exactly pacing, but if it helped him keep things going smoothly she wouldn't complain about it. She didn't know where she was, who she was, or why she was here. If he could tell her, mannerisms meant next to nothing.

She caught eye of his ears again, eyes widening and interest caught when they moved. T-They aren't fake!? She looked upon him baffled. He wasn't joking, it's the real deal, definitely not a costume, "I-It's fine with me if that's all I remember for now." She raised her hands defensively, trying to make a good, selfless impression.

Ivory seemed overly compliable, she agreed to pretty much anything if it seemed to cause a stir, or would change her view if she believed it to be wrong after seeing his reaction. She was getting a bit light headed trying to keep her eyes politely on Rabbit, but she didn't voice a complaint. She wanted to be likable. She herself wasn't even sure why she was trying so hard, but it may have been insecurity that followed her from her previous life. She bit back a smile when he seemed to squeak, holding her tongue and not calling him out on it, nodding her head to show she was listening, "Well.. if I was kidnapped...doesn't that mean my life is pretty much written in stone to be short?" she asks as she tilts her head at him, "At the very least..It seems it would be in danger." She was a pessimist without his thoughts being voiced aloud.

She nods slowly, then grins for the first time, "Then I guess that we're friends now." she chimes at him bubbly, emerald eyes staring upon his ruby ones, "Is that alright?" she asks curiously. She'd spoke the thought before she'd realized it would require his consent as well. She blushed whne he mentioned hungry, her stomach wasn't making noises thankfully, but she was sort of. She didn't want to admit it out loud, "Alright.. sounds like a plan.." she nods in a soft voice, then she felt something in her pocket pulling it out and looking horrorstruck. A knife?

She shook her heas trying to keep from overreacting, but Ivory couldn't help but feel afraid looking at her posession, "It's..a knife.. why do I have this...?" she asked him, wondering if the Rabbit knew, pocketing it before it seemed threatening. She hesitantly took his hand within hers. He had a lot of manners considering the people she'd seen in the hall before they began their journey out off the wretched hall. Her eyes looked around, taking in the sights once they were on the path, her expression brightening once they were outside, "Pretty.." she whispered happily. Anything is better than that never ending hall..