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located in Eden, a part of The Facade of Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.


A once prosperous town, Eden was heaven on earth. Now, it's nothing more than the ruins of paradise and a monument to the greed of mankind.


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Character Portrait: Stefan Lee
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Day 1 - 09:30 - The Basement

As Devin and Callie disappeared upstairs, Stefan was feeling slightly useless, so he hobbled from the couch without anyone really noticing. Ice would come later, because he wanted to help, he looked around a few places but without much success. He found a door with a set of stairs going down, and two things crossed his mind. Great stairs, and its dark and I have no flashlight.

He checked the wall for a switch, and luckily for him he found one. The light was dim, and he couldn't see into the corners of the basement, but he spotted what looked like some old pipes or something of the like. So he sat down and took the steps with on his bottom, it was the less painful way to go down them at the moment.

When he reached the bottom he stood with some difficulty and started very slowly toward his objective.
From under the stairs a pair of red, glowing eyes could be seen. The eyes multiplied, growing from 1 pair to 6, all belonging to the same creature. They traced Stefan's path as he attempted to navigate the stairs.

As Stefan's foot touched the floor, it pounced, breaking through the wood and knocking him to the floor. It looked like a spider, except giant.
It glared at Stefan, hissing angrily as it got closer to the defenseless boy. The Spider raised its head, a stream of white netting material flying out towards him.

Stefan hadn't the sense to make a sound as he heard wood breaking behind him. He had only the chance to turn slightly as the something rather huge pounce and knock him to the floor. He eyes got bigger as he looked up with fear, and for a fragment of a second he had to make sure what he was looking at was real. So he counted the legs, yep definitely eight.

He tried hard to scramble from underneath the spider toward the corner with the pipes, just maybe if he could them, he would have something to defend himself with. However before he got to far the giant arachnid began spitting white sticky netting at him, so with his good leg he attempted to kick that particular spot on spider's head. Mostly to distract it for a second longer to gain another attempt at crawling away.

Stefan's foot landed straight against the spider's face, forcing it to shudder and step back. It glared at him, intent in his eyes as he slowly made his way back to him. It shook its head slowly, still recovering from the strike.

It was infuriated, a green tinted venom leaking from its mouth. It stopped as it reached Stefan, raising its leg and attempting to bring it down onto Stefan's shoulder.

The progress backwards was slow and very painful, but he was almost at the pile of pipes. He looked back just to see the spider's leg coming toward him, and he couldn't react in time. He felt the jolt of pain in his shoulder, as the spider's weight fell upon him. He finally yelled out in pain, and for a second he loss all sense of where he was and what was happening.

The spider seemed to snicker, slowly lowering it's mouth to Stefan's neck. It opened its jaws wide, brandishing it's large fangs. In a moment, it reached out to bite him.

It was those fangs lowered to his neck that made Stephan realize he was in deep shit. And his eyes glanced behind him and he saw a pipe just within reach, with a effort he grabbed it and stabbed at the spider's neck with all the force he could muster.

The spider screamed in pain, scrambling off of Stefan and mindlessly stumbling across the room.
As it's screams died down, it slowly fell to the floor, dead.

Stephan watched the spider stumble away and fall to the floor. He continued watching just to make sure the thing stopped moving. With the pipe he had still in his hand he managed to get up into a sitting position, trying to focus through the pain. He sort of thought that maybe his shoulder was just out of the socket, because it was facing in the wrong direction.

And he surveyed the situation, there was a dead spider, and the stairs were gone. Now what the fuck was he going to do. His first thought was to collapse just for a moment, because he hadn't the energy for a second thought and he fell back again.

After hours of unconsciousness, he finally started to move again. Groaning and moaning with just about every moment, he inspected the stairs again. So maybe they weren't broken, he could probably get back up them, so using his weapon as a cane, he hobbled one step at a time. He was half way up when he started to hear the creaks and the squeaks. It didn't sound like a good sound to him, and he moved a little faster.

Just as he reached the last step the stairs began to break. He fell into the upstairs hallway as a loud crash was heard behind him. He stayed on the ground breathing hard, and tossed the stupid pipe down the hallway. "Gabe, there's your stupid iron, now can someone help me up. And don't try the basement the stairs are gone and its infested with spiders."

Gabriel knew better than to ask questions, helping Stefan up and to a nearby Bedroom. "Get some rest man, we'll take care of that leg tomorrow" He placed a bag of ice on Stefan's ankle. "You're a tough bastard, man" He laughed before exiting the room.

Day 1 - 14:00 - Bedroom 3