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Snippet #1868461

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Belca Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre
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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey tried to push thoughts of the wasteland out of his head as Absolem informed him that he should never go to places like it by himself but he couldn't help but remember its ruined beauty.

"Well I didn't exactly choose to wind up there," said Grey, "But I understand."

He knew he'd never succeed in removing the memory of the wasteland from his mind so instead tried to replace it with something else. It occured to him that Absolem's answer about being called the caterpillar had been very metaphorical and wondered if the man was a poet, he definitely had the right sort of mind to be one.

"I think I can handle fighting girls if there's such a risk involved," said Grey, "However, I'm not sure how good I'll be in a fight but I'll do my best and never give up."

He felt in his heart that he wasn't trying to be brave and tell Absolem what he wanted to hear. The truth was, he didn't want to let the man down. Despite the fact that Absolem had a certain coldness about him and the two hadn't known each other very long, Grey had grown to like the man and wasn't surprised to find he truly trusted him.

"You can count on me Absolem," he said, "I won't let you down and I know you won't let me down, I trust you."

He continued following Absolem wondering why the man had seemed so troubled when he had brought up the wasteland but didn't think that now was the right time to ask about it. Binging out his tarot cards he began to shuffle through them while humming the tune again. Suddenly, one of the cards flew out of the pack, without even thinking he reached out and caught it between two fingers before turning it round to see which one it was.

"Oh no," he whispered, "This can't be good."

He had remembered that if a card fell from the pack during shuffling then it held some significance but that wasn't all, staring at the card he began to remember its meaning, in his hand was...

"The Tower," said Grey, "Collapse, despair, defeat, danger, disaster, hostility, hate and destructive events."

Just looking at the ominous card filled him with dread.

"I hope this is just a warning rather than a prediction," he said to Absolem, "The future doesn't look so good."

Duchess Sophie

"Well that was an impressive display," said the Duchess, leading Belca into the conservatory, "You seem to know your way around a sword."

She didn't bother to offer an explaination for the violent greeting for she felt that it should have been clear that the cook was the one to blame.

"Oh look how the momeraths roam outside the window," cried the Duchess gleefully as the cook brought a tray of tea and cakes, muttering the word pepper, "They're simply so adorable and green."

With that she went to the bookcase and took out a book, she figured that she might as well start editing Hopping Mad now as she may not get another chance.

"I do so love literature," said the Duchess, "I wrote all these books myself about the other chains, feel free to read some if you like."

For the next few minutes she set about tidying up the story, pausing only to sip a cup of tea. Soon she brought her process to a stop, she felt like there was something else she should tell the girl infront of her.

"Ah. yes," she said, "We have three days for orientation before this game actually begins, I assume so you can get used to Wonderland and discover your ability as well as learning to work with me."

She had no doubt that the girl was strong, especially after seeing her skill with a sword. She wondered what Belca would think of her when she saw what she was capable of.

"In any case, there is time for that later," said the Duchess, "For now I insist you eat something as it will be a while before dinner and I can't have you wasting away on me."