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There were times in men's lives where they had to make a choice, where they had to put force into their words and ensure that the receiver got the message. These times could include times of violence or times of war; times of racism or bigotry, or even peace. Leaders around the world stood up on podiums, generals crouched in trenches, doctors faced a surgical team, and each and every one of them were willing to stand up, open their mouths, and deliver something that their reception would be able to take with them. In these moments, they made their words larger than life, made them tangible, made the person hearing them able to put the words behind their ribcage and take it with them.

Memphis wasn't a leader, or a general, and his stitching was too messy and chaotic to be a surgeon. But still, he channelled this energy, made the woman he loved - loves - not only hear what he was saying, but feel it.

"I'm not going anywhere." He said, in the darkness. He shifted her backwards, lying down on the bed beside her, maneuvering her so that she was curled into her body. "Never."