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located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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[OOC: I know nothing about fencing / swords, so, yes. Bear with my ignorance? TT^TT Also, I haven't really roleplayed a non-crack fight with weapons ( and not magic or illusions or whatever else) so I'm not very sure how to properly do it. Just in case, if something appears unclear, I'm not trying to say any of those slashes - or anything in the future - hit their mark. I'm just trying to describe her movements.

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Noting the Lady had tears in her eyes that she obviously didn't want her to see, she rolled her eyes. "Well, aren't we a little ray of optimism and sunshine?" she snorted, trying not to give away the fact that she had noticed the Lady crying.

Hah! Never let it be told Belca was insensitive! Inconsiderate, but not insensitive! she mentally cheered, trying to shake off the gloominess. She hated this Jabberwocky, because he ... she ... it ... seemed to carry an aura of doom around it. Even its name made everyone go depressed and serious and whatnot.

"Maybe not right now, but we can try, right?" she waved a dismissive hand at the Lady. It was the closest thing to comfort she could come up with, without alerting the Lady to the fact that she was comforting her.

Actually, no, scratch that last part. It was the closest thing to comforting someone Belca could ever come up with. whether or whether not she was trying to be discreet. Comforting others wasn't exactly her forte. She was more of the hack and slash type than the hugs and wiping tears type. Which was perfect, since all that was for pansies anyway.

She watched her pull herself together, and blinked, feeling her respect for the other woman ( which had reached an all time low after the previous .... book incident which shall henceforth never ever be mentioned or though of because she wanted desperately to repress that memory ) go up again. No matter what else this woman was, she seemed like a fighter. Maybe not a warrior, but definitely a formidable woman if she set her mind to something.

Thank God, she would have committed suicide if she had to work together with a fancy, dainty little Goody Two Shoes.

She perked her ears at the song that was being hummed softly. She rather liked the tune. It was ... strange, but not really unpleasant. Rather catchy.

As the Lady beckoned her inside a large room thing which she was pretty sure had a fancy name ( because everything in a house as fancy as this would have to have some hard to pronounce, mouthful of a name ) but she wouldn't know it if her life depended on it, so it was good that it didn't. Because she wouldn't have a clue. She was pretty sure she had never seen something like this in her whole, un-remembered life.

"What's that?" she pointed at the ..... hammer? Was it a hammer? ... thing the Lady was holding up. Did she intend to fight with it? Well, she guessed everyone had their weapon of choice.

Noticing the little glint in the Lady's eyes, she shivered unwillingly. She would take back her earlier words. This woman most definitely seemed like a warrior right now.

"I'm not sure if I remember ..." she drifted off as she suddenly felt a jolt of something as she unsheathed her sword. It was as if the sword was a live being, leading her on.

Letting her instincts take over, she charged at the Lady, deftly performing two slashes once she neared the other.

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