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Snippet #1891755

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alde Beriel [Queen of Hearts] Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Belca Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre
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Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Belca stared confusedly as the Duchess suddenly ran away, leaving her on the ground alone.

Ah well.

What was it the Duchess said? Cheshire? How had she known someone was coming?

Lifting herself off the ground, she had just began dusting her clothes, when something - or rather someone - barrelled into her.
"Why you- " her voice died in her throat as she caught the stench coming from whoever it was. And then she saw the blood streaks all over his body.

Involuntarily taking a step back, she watched the exchange between the Duchess and this new person - Cheshire, apparently - slightly shaken up. She didn't mind the blood, in fact it was a beautiful colour, but this stink ....

She let them go inside, choosing to fall behind to scan the horizon. Yes, the faint, faint smell of decay had grown stronger, if only slightly. Did that mean Jabberwocky was close?

According to the Duchess, pepper put it off? That sounded silly even in her own thoughts, but the Duchess had seemed quite confident about it.

Hearing her name being called, she quickly walked in, not wanting to stay outside alone any longer than absolutely necessary. The smell itself seemed to sap away her strength and courage. She might be stubborn and arrogant and whatnot, but Belca was no fool.

โค The Queen of Hearts โค

"Your Majesty."

Alde opened one eye lazily, smiling her sweetest smile that promised death and blood to the person who had dared disturb her after she expressly instructed everyone not to.

Kuro flinched a little.
"Your Majesty, Jabberwocky's broken free of the Lower Level."

"And?" She asked in a bored voice, relishing the way Kuro's eyes widened.

"He's - "
"We fail to see why that should bother you, unless you want to take Its place in the Lower Prisons? Is that it, Kuro? Is that why you dare to disturb us, defying our orders to leave us alone?" Alde's sweet voice was like a whip lash now. Kuro immediately turned tail, only to be stopped.

"Seal the Palace of Hearts. See that no one outside can come in. Not even the Chains. If someone needs to contact us, we will meet them Ourself. Don't let anyone enter the Palace."

As interesting as Jabberwocky was, and was going to make things, she couldn't afford to put the Palace at risk.

Flopping down more like a petulant child than a Queen, she closed her eyes and glared at the image that was always on her mind, no matter what time it was. The only difference right now was that the image smirked back. Good, that meant she would get her answers.

Did you know this would happen?

Why do you think I would? You are the one who calls the shots here. Alde replied grumpily, sulking a little.
You are always doing things without telling me. If you keep on doing things like this, I won't play anymore. Were you the one who helped Jabberwocky get free?

The other smiled innocently, mirroring her own smile.

What makes you think that, Alde? Jabberwocky dosn't need my help. You're underestimating Jabberwocky if you think it needed me to get itself free.

She gritted her teeth.

This conversation isn't finished, Alice.