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Character Portrait: Neurian of the Whispering Willow
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Neurian was falling asleep when something seemed to graze him. It wasn't harsh, but smooth, as if the wind was caressing him. In fact, Nero was sure of it: something had moved through the wind, and he felt it. What was weird was the way it felt, as if somebody was telling him something peaceful and quiet. It took him a few seconds to finally decipher what it felt like: Sleep. The feeling of good nights rest, perhaps? Nero shook his head, now completely clueless as to what was going on. He began to scan the forest, searching for whatever could have created such a soothing breeze, such a beautiful feeling. His eyes were having a hard time adjusting to the lack of light, and he almost passed over the creature that looked the most suspicious, and his eyes locked onto it after scanning over him once already.

A slender, tall, very interesting looking man, as it seemed. He wasn't like any creature he had ever seen, for it moved with too much grace to be a vampire, and was nowhere close to the size of a shapeshifter - that included werewolves. Neurian was mesmerized by its movements, how something so fragile looking could move with such grace and guidance, he hadn't a clue. His mind was set on one thing though, and that was that he was going to meet that fellow one day and talk to it, learning about what it was or why it looked the way it did. Nero was odd that way, for he normally disliked the idea of curiousity he always wanted to know about new people, no matter where they came from. A new elf moves in next door? Nero was building up the courage to talk to him, and so on.

When he finally snapped back to reality (aka when the slender being disappeared) Willow sighed in unhappiness and turned his ears back to the Meeting conversation, and all he could make out was something about inexperienced fighting and such. Neurian was slightly confused about this, as he wouldn't know of the person they were talking about, so he slowly started to tune them out once again, until he heard one line: Arwyn has a point. And young Neurian is not far from his 100th summer. Soon he will be able to attend the meetings. It is true that he has changed since his brother’s death. I do not believe bringing him along would harm the expedition.

Nero nearly blew his cover by falling off the roof in the most ungraceful way after hearing this. He slowly started sputtering to himself, wondering what kind of expedition they would want to take a kid such as him on. Then he slowly fit the pieces together, and he was nearly torn a part with indecision. He had heard about these expeditions for this new species, but he wasn't sure if he would be suitable to go. He had just wanted to stealthily follow the group, see the creatures and then return unharmed. So why would Arwyn suggest him to go on a dangerous expedition?! She knew of his inability to fight, not to mention his complete hesitation when it came to even grabbing his staff. And yet she thought because his brother Cailan died that he would be fine?!

Neurian noticed his father coming out of the meeting and quickly scurried back insde to his room. Didn't want his parents to notice him on the roof and give him a scolding. He entered back through the window and threw himself onto the bed, sleep avoiding him. He kept thinking of reoccuring events of things that he had gone on, and (lets face it) he messed up every time. Everybody always said that his optimism was his strongest point, and yet he had no self confidence in his own abilities. He returned the stare from the ceiling, and only fell asleep when he remembered the caress of the wind and the strange figuring whispering to him: Good Night, Little One