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Snippet #1892429

located in Down the Rabbit-Hole, a part of On the Wings of a Dream, one of the many universes on RPG.

Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


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Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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Nightmare March.

Jabberwocky owned the forest. There was no question of it. The smell of decay filled the air, the trees were blackened skeletons with claws reaching upwards. The animals, those that were not in thrall to the beast, lay in rotting heaps near the pit from which the being emerged. Booby traps. With the woods under control...the next area would be the Duchess' home. All was going according to plan, soon the castle would be under it's control. Then the way out of Wonderland would be in it's grasp.

A parade of degenerates moves through the woods, a mass of arms, teeth..screaming in a thousand voices. At it's head is the rider. For a moment it had thought of chasing the cat, then Gina, little innocent Gina had a wonderful idea. "Why not bring more of our friends? We could have a P̧͎̝͚̙̱̹̗̎ͬ̍ͮ͌͝͡͠͠ͅA̵̧͈̯͍̯̤̹̫͓͍̙̝̠̓̽̓̏̍̂́̒Ṟ̴̷͖̹̪͚̘̜̼̳̃͗ͣ̊̍̃̆̇̎̒̑̊̂ͪͬ̓̑ͮ̿T̢̢͓͓͓̞̞̭̺͉͔͚̗̣̬̺̯̫̲̝͛͑̉̈́̊ͧ̔ͣ̄̂ͭ͡͡ͅÝ̧̭̭̮̺̤̬̝̱͔̱̅̇̀͐ͬ̅̔̿͛͟!" Why not indeed? So, as the being waited, it's mental force swept the forest, gathering to it some of the largest beings it could control as well as a horde of smaller ones as fodder. Now the seething mass of corruption swarms towards the smell of pepper.

Jabberwocky, sitting astride the massive Tibbs reaches down and grasps the spinal column of a passing freak, and rips it free. With a flex of it's mind the vertebrae change, merging together into one long bone, tapered into points on the ends. The being repeats this until it has three bone-spears, each about four feet long. A whisper from it's mass, hissing as if steam escaped a valve somewhere in it's chest, and out flows the black mist again. This time the mist acts as fingers, grasping the bones, keeping them floating about the main body of Jabberwocky. "Perhaps...a spot of T͗̿̔͂̇̊̿̿̍͊͌͐͆̓ͦ̉̊ͬ҉̞͇͈̤̬͕̦͉͇͔̳̠̦̙͕͜Ė̩͚͔̩͎̝̜̭̝̠͒̈ͤͧ̈́̎ͫ͂ͥ̌ͦ́̀͘͠Ȃ̸̵̵̪̬̩̣̠̞̲̘͚̹̦͖ͬ̽ͯ̂͐̎̇̚͘̕ͅ first...then the pig-woman."

With a savage sound, thousands of voices as one, the being roars into the sky, and angles it's charge towards the location of the Endless Tea-Party. Home of Mad Hatter and the March Hare. The mass follows Jabberwock's blistering pace.