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Okay~I just noticed this The boys hair colors are the same as the girls'...We have a red haired boy & girl, black haired boy & girl and a blonde Girl & boy. AIsh i am an idiot DX


"If anything, your step-mother must have good taste. There's no need to change it."Personally, he didn't care as long as it was clean and wasn't obnoxious looking.Ren smiled softly and bowed mumbling a thank you. He bit down on his lip as he watched the boy continue to look around and let his eyes fall on the only red head in the room. The skinny blonde felt a little strange standing next to the two whom were as gorgeous as the 'Roman Gods'.
He chewed on his bottom lip not sure of what he should say as he leaned against the nearest wall.

"Uhm, i guess you could pick your room. They are all upstairs, I already picked one though." He stated softly as he fixed his bangs slightly still feeling uncomfortable.

Meng Jia Kwon

Jia clapped excitedly as the girls had stated they too would be sharing the same homeroom class. "Good! We will have a lot of fun together, i believe my younger brother has the same homeroom too." She smiled before turning to Yong Hee.
"Ringa is a very famous star. He, believe it or not, is a singer and a dancer. I dont think any of have seen him yet, i mean he was not there for when i first got here. I saw Joon and some other teachers. But those seem to be the most well known teachers. They two are very popular among the students because of cool and fun they are." Jia smiled as she hoped the two would understand.