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Snippet #1892998

located in The Cages, a part of Welcome To The Family Cirque, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Cages

Freaks and monsters are meant to stay locked in their cages when kind folk are around. "No Feeding the Freaks"


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Character Portrait: Katerina Vivvolo
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Katerina sat listlessly, letting the flames dance across her fingertips and crawl up her arms. The fire was the only source of light inside the cage; a fireproof blanket had been thrown across the bars, leaving her alone with her thoughts. Distantly, the sound of the Cirque drifted down to her; the roar of the crowd; the swell of the music. The chain around her neck rattled as she shifted her weight. It had to be her turn soon, judging by the sound of the show. Yet no one had come to bring her costumes and hassle at her to get ready.

She would put on a good show tonight, she had vowed. She would smile and dance and jump through all the their hoops until they were satisfied, and then perhaps theyโ€™d let these chains off. It was just an accident, I wonโ€™t break the contract again. Her skin shimmered and burned in the gloom.

It had been too long. She could hear more voices outside, snippets of conversations. Walking as close to the bars of the cage as the chain would allow, she cupped her hands in front of her mouth and yelled, โ€œWhatโ€™s happening tonight? Am I going on? Anyone?โ€

All the other freaks were free to come and go as they pleased, this wasn't fair. The chain snapped taut. Katerina swore. There had been times in her life where she'd roamed around the streets alone, visiting bars and clubs, matching anyone who dared to challenge her drink for drink. She'd do anything to have that kind of freedom again. I will do what they want, let them trust me. Then find a way out, somehow. But first, she had to perform. Please the crowds. Please the ringmaster.

"I have to prepare! Someone let me out!" she yelled again.