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Snippet #1895212

located in Canterville, a part of Night Shift, one of the many universes on RPG.


A town in Ohio


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Mitchel Gen Jowec Character Portrait: Shale Athego
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Clouds swirled around him as he rose through the sky, moving at unimaginable speeds. The very stars seemed to dance about as he broke through the the sea of whiteness, expanding as far as the eye could see. Something was there. It felt so close. Where...

"How have you been doing?"

Sound suddenly came into existence around Mitchel, snapping him out of his thoughts. Color rushed before his deep blue eyes, no doubt from having the palms of his hands resting before his eyes for who knows how long. He shoke himself, attempting to get his vision in the right order and to clear his hearing abit. Napping always seemed to have that effect on him lately. Rubbing his temples gently, Mitchel greeted Shale, his friend, who had sat down next to him.

"Oh...hey Shale. I've been doing fine. Blasted dreams bug me even when I decide to take a nap." Mitchel said doggedly, still feeling the after effects of his unusual nap. Though they weren't the full blown experiences from every night, they still bugged the heck out of him. Again this morning, Mitchel hand found himself along the creek of a forest behind his home, still in his t-shirt and boxers, leaves clinging to his hair and a trail of ants crawling across his stomach. Just a normal day for Mitchel Gen Jowec.

Shale replyed again,"Think you're ready for the finals?"

"Ah yes. The bane of every high school student's existence. I'll feel much more ready if I wasn't seeing things everytime I close my eyes. But, yes, indeed I am, Shale." With that, Mitchel turned himself in his seat and rested his elbows against the table, sighing softely,"I swear, you're the only thing keeping me sane with these dreams, the finals, and being considered an unsolvable math equation by scientists and therapists everywhere."