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Snippet #1895924

located in Canterville, a part of Night Shift, one of the many universes on RPG.


A town in Ohio


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Character Portrait: Mitchel Gen Jowec Character Portrait: Dove Hope Stapleton Character Portrait: Reeva Terao Character Portrait: Shale Athego
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"...ecm!" Mitchel pretended to clear his throat, fingering his collar nervously. He really did need sometime to himself, and it seemed now was the only time to get away...

"Well then...I guess theres only one thing I can do..." And in one single motion, swiped his phone from the table, his bag from his chair and was heading for the cafeteria exit before they could make a move. "Sorry guys! I'll try to meet up with ya'll later! I promise!" With that, he was out the door and among the facilites of the school. at last. They'll get over it, I'm sure. I just need to think... Mitchel was making his way into the woods when he snapped a twig underfoot, causing his head to look around to see if anyone was nearby to hear. And there was! Nearby was the same girl he had locked eyes with during lunch. Again, they locked eyes for a moment. Then the girl turned walking away towards the library. Taking the chance, Mitchel bolted between the trees, disappearing into the forest.