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... Why is it that I have this strangest feeling that this Roleplay is slowly dying.. ; _ ;

Hyun Seok

He chewed on his bottom lip not sure of what he should say as he leaned against the nearest wall. "Uhm, I guess you could pick your room. They are all upstairs, I already picked one though." He stated softly as he fixed his bangs slightly still feeling uncomfortable.

Hyun Seok's eyes flickered to the blond when he spoke up, and he kept his hands in the pockets of the red sports jacket he wore. "Hm. Is that so?" He said politely. "Well, I'll make my way to go pick one then. Excuse me." He took another glance towards the red head in the room, and then deciding to ignore him, Hyun Seok picked up his bags and located the stairs to go find a room to be comfortable in. He disappeared into the corridors that led to the rooms.

Yong Hee

"Good! We will have a lot of fun together, I believe my younger brother has the same homeroom too." She smiled before turning to Yong Hee.
"Ringa is a very famous star. He, believe it or not, is a singer and a dancer. I don't think any of have seen him yet, I mean he was not there for when I first got here. I saw Joon and some other teachers. But those seem to be the most well known teachers. The two are very popular among the students because of cool and fun they are." Jia smiled as she hoped the two would understand.

Yong Hee made a humming noise in reply as acknowledgment as Jia had explained just who Ringa was and a further explanation of Ringa and Lee Joon-oppa's (in this case, wouldn't she have to refer to them as 'sunbae', instead?) reputation here at the Academy. She had a concentrated facial expression, nodding along as Jia spoke, not saying anything, but technically was showing an expression of "oh, I see~!"

"You mentioned that your brother was here as well?" she asked, curious about her fellow classmates. She glanced at the floor, then noticed an out of place hair in front of her face. She brushed it back behind her ear and hoped that it would stay there.

As Isabella spoke up too, Yong Hee became slightly distracted by the sudden shift in thought process. Come to think of it, Jia had just mentioned having a brother somewhere within her explanation. "Oh~? That must be nice, to be the older sister~." She smiled, and then remembering of her own sibling, she added for good measure, "I've got a brother too, but we're fraternal twins, and he's older than me. He's quite the stiff, rigid person~."