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Snippet #1900682

located in Korea, a part of A New Melody, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ren Character Portrait: Moriko "Ringa" Hashimoto Character Portrait: Lee Joon Character Portrait: Isabella Green Character Portrait: Ayaka Haruki Gin Character Portrait: Harahiku Yoshi Character Portrait: Park Hyun Seok Character Portrait: Jia Character Portrait: Castiel Sebastians Character Portrait: Park Yong Hee
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Harahiku Yoshi
Red headed Harah had silently watched as Ren and the new boy whom introduced himself as Hyun Seok spoke. He sat on one of the black chairs observing them, both seemed pretty nice. Hyun Seok came off a little awkward at one point but than a little cocky- But Harah knew better than to rely on first impressions. Ren had come off shy, girly and a bit bi polar. The blonde seemed to notice the others slight cockiness attitude and his personality changed quickly. The red head smiled as he watched the two in amusement.
Hyun Seok's eyes flickered to the blond when he spoke up, and he kept his hands in the pockets of the red sports jacket he wore. "Hm. Is that so?" He said politely. "Well, I'll make my way to go pick one then. Excuse me." He took another glance towards the red head in the room, and then deciding to ignore him, Hyun Seok picked up his bags and located the stairs to go find a room to be comfortable in. He disappeared into the corridors that led to the rooms.
Harah had’nt noticed that the boy had left before Ren tapped his cheek, “Yah, hyung are you going to go pick your room too? You didn’t introduce yourself to Hyun Seok either.” The blonde and the red head had learned before Hyun came, that Harah was older by the blonde by a few months-making him the Hyung of the two.
“Ah, yeah sorry I was zoning out. Ill go say hello and pick a room.” He smiled as he got up and walked in the direction of where Hyun went.

Ren yawned and nodded as he followed the red head down the hall. He had the slight feeling that his new dorm mates didn’t like him very much—they all seemed to want the blonde to keep away. He bit down on his lip sadly as he leaned on the wall watching Harah bow politely
“Hello, I am sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I am Harahiku one of your dorm mates.” He smiled casting a shy glance at Ren who pouted silently. To Ren it seemed the two would get along great and be the best of friends- he hoped the two would like him as well and not think of him as a strange boy. His social awkwardness didn’t help him at all.

The boy jumped at the unexpected knock and like a cat his head turned to the direction of the noise with a smile.

Castiel Sebastians
Castiel watched as the line slowly moved down before he made it up to the front where a man with brown haired smiled asking his name and age.
“Hello I am Castiel Sebastians at age 18.” He smiled fixing his thick rimmed glasses. The teacher smile introducing himself before going into a long speech about the school, who he is, what classes he was going to take and what else he needed to know about the day. He listened carefully not wanting to miss anything important. Though the teacher took a few minutes to tell him about his three roommates; one being a red head, a blonde girly one, and a black haired one. After the teacher named Lee Joon finished he garbed his things and quickly made his way to the dorm. He looked at the dorm number and sighed
“Here we go dorm 1 and number 17.” He stated as he knocked loudly.

Meng Jia Kwon

"You mentioned that your brother was here as well?" she asked, curious about her fellow classmates. She glanced at the floor, then noticed an out of place hair in front of her face. She brushed it back behind her ear and hoped that it would stay there.As Isabella spoke up too, Yong Hee became slightly distracted by the sudden shift in thought process. Come to think of it, Jia had just mentioned having a brother somewhere within her explanation. "Oh~? That must be nice, to be the older sister~." She smiled, and then remembering of her own sibling, she added for good measure, "I've got a brother too, but we're fraternal twins, and he's older than me. He's quite the stiff, rigid person~."
Jia smiled brightly, “Yes my brother Ren, though most think he is a girl. We look alike, and could switch places if we tried.” She giggled thinking about her sibling. “He is the only real family I have left or know about so we are stuck like glue. Though it seems lately we have grown apart.” She sighed softly. Jia smiled hearing Yong Hee stating she had a brother as well. “Ah! I hope our brothers become great friends like us!” She smiled and looked at Isabella. “Do you have any siblings?”

Ayaka Haruki Gin
Ayaka made her way out of her dads car, her farewells with her loving father were filled with tears. He was the only close family she had left after her mother had died. “I will see you on break okay! Stay strong my Ay-chan!” He smiled hissing her forehead before the young girl made her way to the sign in area. She took a deep breath as she trudged to the line. She was going to miss her father-but she had to succeed for her mother.
She blushed as she walked up to an amazingly handsome looking male. “Hello! I am Lee Joon once of the dance teachers here, welcome to Shining Academy. What’s your name and age?” He gave her a smile that made her heart flip.
“Ayaka haruki Gin age 16, What should I call you Lee Joon Sunbae-nim.” She smiled back as she tried her best too look as cute as she could. It wasn’t her fault she was stuck talking to Mr. Lee Joon. With his flawless tan skin and welcoming aroura-even his hair had this I am the god of hair aroura—she giggled to herself for her silliness.

Lee Joon laughed at the young girl now infront of him—She was cute. “You can call me oppa~” He winked smirking.
“This is a map of the school and here is a list of your home room class Which is mine and Ringa’s- Your lucky it’s the best home room EVER! But you could be switched later in the semester in order to get you the best chance to make it to the end of the year.” He smiled before continuing on where he left off. “When you get to your homeroom later we will give you your schedule of you classes. Today is mostly a tour the school day and unpack you luggage and relax---somewhat. You will see what I mean when you get to homeroom. Anyway Tomorrow is more of a introducing and getting ready kind of day where you go to classes and meet everyone.” He stated as he used his pen to point to a building on the school map and put a little heart on it with a chuckle.
“This is The Ladies dorms- which is located on the west of the school. There are like 3 different buildings this is building 1 that has dorms 1-3, the others really don’t matter since you are in Dorm 1! I have had three other girls with the same dorm—All seem very nice.” Joon laughed running a hand through his hair ,“Like I said You are in dorm 1 and number 6. You got put into the luxury dorms! Dorm 1 has rooms with fridge’s and personal kitchens they are very spacious and it’s like a little apartment or loft.” He smiled at the smiling young girl how watched him focusing intensely. “You can go ahead and drop your stuff off in your dorm and head over to the auditorium were we are having a intro and stuff which starts in like 35 minutes. Then you will be going to your home room which is on the second floor of the main building at number 276. The room is separated into an actual dance room and a class room—so it’s both.” Joon finished his circling and staring with a satisfied smirk.
“ I hope that made sense—If not I could explain it a little better. If you ever need any help I am always here as well as the other teachers” He smiled politely.
“Oh, no I think I got it. I am so glad I am in your homeroom, this way I know at least one person in this school. “She smiled as she bowed before grabbing her thinks saying ‘thanks and see you later’ before she walked away. Lee Joon smiled before he turned his attention to the next person.