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"I've got a brother too, but we're fraternal twins, and he's older than me. He's quite the stiff, rigid person~." Isabella was surprised. Yong Hee had a twin? That was so cool! Is had always wanted to be a twin instead of an older sister. She looked to Jia as she spoke. β€œYes my brother Ren, though most think he is a girl. We look alike, and could switch places if we tried.” She giggled thinking about her sibling. β€œHe is the only real family I have left or know about so we are stuck like glue. Though it seems lately we have grown apart... Do you have any siblings?”

Iabella nodded happily. "Yes, I have a younger brother. He's 13... I think," she smiled. She honestly wasn't sure how old her brother was. They'd never been very close and her coming here sure didn't help.