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located in Future/Sci-fi, a part of Universal War, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: The Targearen Republic
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Karava 2 - Planetary Capital Karvena, 11:23 AM

Screams and the sound of ionizing air before a laser was discharged was all Captain Tira Briggs could hear. Ducking behind cover as lasers scorched the destroyed concrete wall behind her, she took the time to pause and get a hold of the situation. One Republic Standard Month ago, the Low Senator Cedric of Karava had declared they were seceding from the Republic, and the 4th had been sent in to remove the mad Low Senator and reestablish Republic dominion of one of its outerrim star systems. The mad man had corrupted the watch and had public executed the fellow low senators of the planet claiming he was now Governor and ruler of Karava to make matters worse the people were behind his back. It seemed the Low Senator had been secretly handing out forbidden knowledge and text to the poor making them believe they 'deserved' more then what they had. Such insolence would be crushed, of course, and the population convicted of such treasonous actions would be dealt with, harshly, but that was later as a grenade exploding near her reminded her of her place.

Her company was pinned down in the local market by two gun emplacements across the street which became death valley. Of course, that did not stop Commissar Torus from sending out more men and women to the meat grinder, but he was too 'important' to go himself. Tira glanced over the wall to see if she could get a shot off with her lasreapeter, but quickly sank back down when a line of lasfire almost took pale blue head off. Tapping her combeads, she said, "Commander, we need support." There was a pause of static, and she prayed he heard, because while they could push through they causality rates would skyrocket, but she was answered by the gravely voice of Commander Krell, "Armor inbound, ETA Three Minutes."

Tapping her combeads once more she informed her lieutenants of the change in plans, "Second platoon, get some grenades and rockets on the southeast building, I want their firing stop. We got backup coming." She just hoped they weren't sending a puma or something useless in this situation, but at this rate, she would take anything they could give. A new scream caught Tira's attention as she turned her head to see one of her own men, Private Parker go down screaming with a hole in his stomach. Luckily the laser cauterized the wound as it went through, but it did not stop the pain. He would survive... but he would remember that hit, however, his Sergeant, Tarkins, would not survive as a bullet hit the back of his head splattering poor Parker in blood, brains, and bits of bones. Popping out of cover, she sprayed a quick burst of lasfire on the building. While it wouldn't do nothing, it would help raise the morale of the unit seeing their commander trying to do... anything.

The rumbling of the ground caused her Legionaries to hold on to whatever they could as a nearby wall exploded and their salvation arrived. The commander had sent a Baneblade! The behemoth sized tank rolled lazily out almost bored by the numerous lasbolts that struck the hold and grenade impacts. Tira watched as high yield rockets crashed into the side of the Baneblade, but could not even dent the armor. A creaking sound filled the market squad as the large cannon was raised at one of the buildings, and Tira shut her eyes knowing what was coming next. A blinding flash of lights, and the backlash heat whipped at her face as the Lancer discharged. Opening her eyes to savor the damage, a giant hole was now in the center of the building and without the structural support it collapsed in on itself, and Tira relished the sounds of the screams of the Rebels as they were crushed. Vengeance for her fallen men. The Baneblade repeated the process with the other poor bastards in the second building before rolling ahead to continue in its path of carnage, "Follow the Baneblade, deeper into the city. We got rebels to kill!" Tira shouted through the combead receiving cheers as they charged into the fray once more.

Karava 2 - Planetary Capital Karvena - Home of Low Senator Cedric - Operation Reaper, 11:30 AM

The large heavily armored rangers moved silently through the corridors of the mansion having come in through the sewers. The main attack on the city was merely a diversion to assassinate the rebel leader. After his death the rebels would most likely surrender, and worst case, they would fight on leaderless, but be dealt with quickly. The Ranger Sergeant tapped his helmet lightly drawing two fingers across the front of his helmet. Two Guards, Slit throats. The other four members nodded as two of them broke from the group moving silently to grab the guards covering their mouths with their left hands and sticking their combat knives deep into their spines with their right holding them until they died to ensure silence was held.

With a thumbs up, the squad continued deeper, the sudden sound of an Alarm broken throughout the mansion, and the Rangers moved quickly turning the corner to come face to face with a Gatling Lasers maned by two of the Guards, the rangers dived for cover... well, all but one who remained where he was and raised his Gauss Rifle to his shoulder. The Gatling Laser opened up spraying hundreds of lasbolts down the small corridor, but they only left small scorch marks on the Rangers Titantric plated armor and with a calm, disciplined process brought down both guards blowing their chest nearly to pieces and exposing most of their ribcage to the world with the Gauss Rifle. It would be a easy mission for the Rangers.

Andromida - High Senate House, 4:23 PM

Lord Sul stood on his own platformed as it raised in the air to hoover eye level with the seats of the other senators. His finery gleaming in the light only underlining his importance and self-absorption. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the High Senate." Sul began pausing for dramatic effect and to ensure he had everyone's attention, "It is my pleasure to announce that the Karava Rebellion was ended just a short few hours ago by a team of Rangers selected by yours truly." He finished trying his best not to gloat, "It seems that we need to be even stricter on ensuring no traitorous books make it into our beautiful Republic." At least, not in the hands of the peasants, "Which is why, I humbly ask that we seek even more money into the Department of Literary Control to ensure this never. Never. Happens again."

The room erupted with applause, mainly concentrated in the center were many of Lord Sul's 'friends' were, Lord Sul bowed and lowered the podium back to its previous state and went to take his seat. With the short speech over, a old bearded human man turned to his far younger royal blue companion with fiery red hair and bright red eyes, "What did you think of the esteemed Lord Sul, Lady A'sair?"

The blue woman pretended to ponder the question tapping her chin lightly and giving off a soft series of hmms, "I believe the speech was not needed and no more money should be wasted in one of Lord Suls pet projects." Of course the Department itself was no pet profect, but the fact that Lord Sul was leading it meant he would no doubt be funneling those new funds out to more... leisurely activities.

"On a personal note." Lady A'sair said softly, "I Think he is a pompous ass, who is so corrupted even the Gods turn from him." The old man erupted in a fit of coughing and sporadic laughter, "Indeed, My Lady, indeed. Just do not let him hear that. One word from him and your political career is all but over."

Her deep red eyes followed Lord Sul every step of the way, "We shall see." She said softly, "We shall see."