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Snippet #1911041

located in The Academy, a part of Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Academy

The Academy is based in the ruins of Ottawa, ON


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Simon Stawski Character Portrait: Wolfgang Schaffer Character Portrait: Elit Skyo Character Portrait: Natalie Ellis
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Wolf turned to see where Lily darted back too, and almost slipped on a patch of ice himself in doing so. He quickly righted himself and tugged at his collar, as if releasing a fresh dose of dignity back into his system. Sheepishly he pressed on and noticed Simon, Elit and a third guy stepping into the elevator. The third man...well, he seemed a bit the 'the man', only crooked and dishevelled and quite possibly evil.


He looked back and saw the girl with a really neat accent he'd seen around the chalet a few days ago...Natalie was her name. She was Australian, Wolf was his mind that practically made them family. He held back a little and walked up to her, holding his hand out much as Lily had. And since the introduction he'd given to Lily was fresh in his mind, and he'd been quite happy with it (even though it had apparently resulted in her running off to talk to Richard) he decided to give it another go.

"Hello Natalie!" he said, "I'm Wolf, I like addressing my hunger, finding ways to connect things and discover what kind of music people hate without having to ask."

He grimaced at how it sounded out had worked a bit better in response to Lily's approach rather than a spontaneous introduction. But oh well, it wasn't like he could suck the words back in...though for Wolf that would sure be a useful ability at times.

Simon stepped into the elevator alongside Areev, who didn't move in the slightest to accomodate anyone else, but stayed obstinately standing in the middle of the elevator. Says a lot about the kind of person he is, Simon thought, expecting everyone to arrange themselves around him.

He looked across at Elit and considered how best to explain. A formal introduction would probably best wait until the class was all assembled, so he kept it simple for now. "He's a researcher here at the academy." Simon replied. It was technically the truth. Areev wasn't a teacher...was it correct to say he was a scientist? Probably. He was known to have a doctorate in something or other under his belt, but the reality was Simon didn't know precisely what it was that Areev did. Simon didn't know, because Simon wasn't of a high enough grade to know. The Academy's board was run from far away, and told the teachers what hoops they had to jump through. But he knew that there was a lot more that went on that he or any of the other regular teachers knew about. Which, he supposed, should be a positive thing. The world was, after all, counting on the academy to figure out how the human race was to survive. Perhaps shrouding parts of it in mystery allowed people to foster hope thay they were developing a secret weapon in the basement or something that would swat hundred of dragons out of the sky at a time.

Fat chance of that.

He waited until everybody was packed into the elevator, and hit the button for the second floor.