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Snippet #1911282

located in The Academy, a part of Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Academy

The Academy is based in the ruins of Ottawa, ON


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Simon Stawski Character Portrait: Charlotte Kniepmann
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When the group reached an elevator, Charlotte watched it open up to show a short man in a suit already in it, she kept walking to close in and overheard the ending of their conversation.

"Yes yes," Areev said impatiently, "I just wanted to let you know that I'll be giving todays lecture personally."

Simon's eyes widened, and he hesitated before answering. "I...well...sure thing. Fine with me. In that case accompany us to the classroom."

"Very kind." Areev sneered, "Do lead the way."

'Well, I guess we have a new teacher.' She thought as everyone stacked in the tiny can that would take them higher, or lower, anyway, it combined two things Charlotte didn't like that much: Heights and closed spaces. Noticing how the man already in the elevator didn't move an inch to make space for the others she thought 'Suit dude is no gentleman...' then got in the elevator and moved to a corner before the first teacher she saw pressed one of the buttons in the control panel and the doors closed with a light noise, the elevator started moving up. Charlotte was wondering what could this other man possibly have to say, since it appeared to be a surprise to everyone, he probably didn't make many public appearances, perhaps he had something important to announce this time, maybe they would turn up the heating system! This place could surely use a few more degrees, it was cold even when indoors.